It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!



aColors affect our mental/psychological personality greatly. Personality is affected through the color of top garment worn by any person more than anyone else. Same way, colors of your rooms affect your thinking process. I enumerate below how various colors affect your psychology. These are very general effects & these colors affect different people differently. In due course of time I will be adding a lot more traits under each color. You can click on any color given below & you will be taken directly to the traits of that particular color.


Please note that the traits that I have mentioned for each color are not those which I have copied from elsewhere even though they may match coincidentally but rather are those which I have personally observed myself for the past many years. Exact personality depends not just on colors alone, but specific planetary positions in any particular horoscope. My astrology book will contain extremely detailed analysis of the color aspects of people born on different dates. However, the traits mentioned for each color can be taken as the base to start analysing your personality. 




  • Vigour & vitality.

  • Radiance.

  • Surviving ability.

  • Excitement.

  • Romance.



  • Peace.

  • Emotional balance.

  • Excitement control.

  • Laziness.

  • Lack of reasoning.


Light Green

  • Logic & analysis.

  • Activeness.

  • Liveliness.

  • Adjustment & adaptability.

  • Reduction of emotional values.


Dark Green

  • Quarrelsomeness.

  • Materialistic survival.

  • Energy.

  • Latent mental faculties.

  • Lack of judgement, doing injustice.


Light Blue

  • Negativity.

  • Thought process.

  • Light mindedness.

  • Extreme type of justice.

  • Lack of logic, understanding, adjustment.


Dark Blue

  • Mental balance.

  • Judgement.

  • Lack of lust, sensuousness.

  • Seeing the other side.

  • Humanity.


Light Orange

  • Ego.

  • Self-respect.

  • Innovativeness.

  • Self-centeredness.

  • Taking the lead.


Dark Orange

  • Impulsiveness.

  • Lust.

  • Occultism.

  • Unethical mentality.

  • Lack of religiousness, Godliness.


Light Yellow

  • Spirituality.

  • Problems related to work.

  • Lack of materialistic values.

  • Meditation.

  • Forgiveness, divinity.


Dark Yellow

  • Sleep.

  • Self-destructive mentality.

  • Base of everything.

  • Dependence.

  • Reclusiveness/seclusion.


Light Black

  • Practical mentality.

  • Starting work.

  • Punishment for injustice.

  • Karma.

  • Doing something or the other.


Dark Black

  • Socializing mentality.

  • Connection with common man.

  • Rebelliousness.

  • Connection with modern technology.

  • Revolution.