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About this website

This is a one pager website & information about me & my professional services are contained in the PDF documents mentioned as attachments in the table below. Click on the PDF documents to get more information.

Privacy policy

Those who have taken any type of astrological or other occult consultation me have undoubtedly given me details of their birth covering --- date of birth, time of birth & place of birth. I 100% respect the confidence placed in me by all my clients & solemnly vow to keep birth details fully confidential 100%. All your birth details as well as other details of your personal life & problems shared by you with me will be fully 100% confidential. It is my promise to you. None of your details including your name, birth details or any other detail of any sort shared by you with me will be disclosed by me in any manner whatsoever at point of time in my life under any condition or circumstance through any means whatsoever. If you happen to get connected me on any of my social sites then all your personal & other details WILL IN NO WAY BE USED BY ME. Your birth details are all I want for rendering my occult services & beyond those details, rest details & information about you, personal or otherwise, anywhere won't be used by me under any situation or circumstance, whatsoever, for any reason. 


All birth details & other information given to me or shared with me by you are used ONLY FOR giving you astrological & other occult services to you to improve the quality of life for you & for no other purpose.


I don't sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personal information to any other person.


In case I am forced by legal authorities under some exceptionally unavoidable situations/circumstances to disclose your birth details, then I may be required to do so accordingly.


If my website contains link to any other website(s), then such other website(s) may have their own privacy policies & I am in no way responsible or liable for the content & activities of such linked sites.


I have myself personally designed this website, absolutely without involving any other person due to which there is absolutely no question of leaking anything outside through misuse. All content on this website, anything & everything on this website has been designed by me, without involving any other person in designing this website. I have personally typed out all content on this website, without asking anyone else to do so. I operate completely independently, have no staff or person working under me & even if I happen to have staff under me in future, this website will be 100% be operated fully & completely by me only. Considering all this, you can be rest assured of your privacy.



All details given on this website are for informational purposes only & if you take decisions based on all information given in various pages of this website without consulting me in any manner, orally or through written reports, then I am not responsible for that. In such situations I expressly disclaim responsibility. Reason being is that not one word mentioned by way of information in all the pages of this website is false, but the nature as well as intensity of effects to any particular person is 100% dependent on the exact planetary positions at the time of birth which is unique only to that person & to no one else. Hence the information given in all pages of this website has to be made the base for entering the occult world but lot other factors are considered by me before giving any final decision regarding any particular occult aspect to you. So far as taking practical decisions based on simply what you have read in the pages of this website is concerned, without consulting me in any manner, I disclaim responsibility for the results of those decisions.


About myself

Information about myself, my services & many other aspects are contained in the documents listed below.


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