Learnings of emotional life

In the words that follow I express what I have personally realized from life experiences or what life has taught me. These are purely 100% my own words or thought process. I have not copied these sentences or phrases from anywhere, even though they may coincidentally match with someone else’s words or phrases. You can click on any red colored topic just below to directly go to the details of that particular topic. All that I express below is my independent personal opinion. I am also writing a book titled "The Human Mind" which will contain all details about all the mentalities mentioned in my astrological reports, explaining flow of emotions.


Mentality & character

Introspection & self-development

Time management

Bad time



  • Mentality & character

    • Guilty consciousness is the worst punishment. Man fights with the entire world to prove that he is right in all that he has done but his heart makes him guilty for all wrongs that he has done. Man can fool the world by proving that he is innocent but he cannot escape facing his own conscience. At the end of it, you should not be ashamed of facing yourself when you see the mirror every morning.

    • Our human mentality affects ourselves at the end. If you are egoistic you are yourself going to be affected by not knowing what your drawbacks are leading to blockage of self development further. Likewise every mental deformity of yours is going to affect you the most than anyone else.

    • Those who cheat others are big time fools because all the time what they keep doing is cheat themselves.

    • It is very easy to criticise others but extremely difficult to create or do something on your own. When we see others doing mistakes, we become fully charged up & energized to pounce on the person who has done mistake but we fail to see what mistakes we ourselves have done in life & how many times others have overlooked the same by forgiving us.

    • One whose luck is hard is an unlucky person. But even more unluckier person is that whose mentality is bad & rotten because with a rotten & negative minded mentality you cannot do anything good from your side no matter how good opportunities & how many good people come in to your life. If you are good hearted, intelligent, hard working, sincere, straight forward & justice based person then you are really an extremely lucky person, no matter you may not have anything material in possession. On the other side, if you are ill hearted, jealous all the time, crooked minded, artificial & an unjust person then you are really an extremely unlucky person, no matter you may have all material things in possession to the highest of values.

    • The person who keeps seeing positive in everything & all human beings makes the "best out of the worst". The person who keeps seeing negative in everything & all human beings makes the "worst out of the best".

    • Getting peace of mind, satisfaction & happiness is more important than being a millionaire or billionaire. If the quality of your health & mental state is bad then it is not worth it.

    • Ego makes a big time fool of man.

    • Everyone wants the entire world to be perfect but does not like it when he is himself asked to be perfect by others.

    • That person who does not become happy easily & does not become mentally upset also easily is a person fit to face life.

    • The power to tolerate, power of patience & power of relentless perseverance, these are those 3 powers which can take a man from the worst to best position in life.

    • That person who has the habit of seeing the positive in everything & of seeing how something can be done against all odds goes to a very position in life, no matter how bad a situation he may be born in.

    • Man thinks that he is intelligent when he is actually a fool.

    • Greatest mistake man commits in his thinking process is not checking the base of thoughts & assumptions. Man's logic is never wrong but the basis on which thinks is itself wrong. Man makes the mistake of thinking that he is right when he is in fact wrong all the time because the truth is not what appears to the physical eyes but the truth is something else only.

    • Man's ultimate destiny is his own mentality & character because no matter how intelligent a brain God may have given you, it is your heart and intention which are going to decide in what way you are going to use your intelligence. Intention is the engine of brainy intelligence. 

    • What man has to know, man does not know & all that man knows is not of much practical use to man.

    • Every human has 2 types of intelligence. One is technical intelligence & another is intellectual intelligence. Technical intelligence is something sort of gift to man from God & gives man his professional status through qualifications & talents. Being a doctor, engineer, etc. depicts your technical intelligence. Intellectual intelligence is something more attributable to man's personality himself rather than God. Being broad minded, positive, adjusting, etc. depicts your intellectual intelligence. Being technically intelligent & sound by itself does not guarantee happiness, satisfaction & peace of mind while being intellectually intelligent & sound does. It is because it is intellectual intelligence that ultimately rules over technical intelligence.

    • Some get pissed off even by small problems. Some remain cool even after facing serious problems. Former are those negative minded people who are specialists in making “the worst out of the best” whereas the latter are those positive minded people who are specialists in making “the best out of the worst”.

    • Opportunity knocks everyone’s door at least once. Problems are faced by everyone in all aspects of life at least once. Negative minded pessimists make the “worst out of the best” & positive minded optimists make the “best out of the worst”.

    • Life is not for that person who wants everything to be his way.

    • Everyone does not have guts to face realities of life. Only a person who is true to his inner self has the courage to accept facts & realities which are always bitter & sour.

    • Perseverance is very important in life. You have to keep trying again & again, that too, relentlessly. You should always have it in you to stand up quickly after you fall each time. If you cannot, you are not the person fit to live life.

    • Life is never easy to give what you want at the first go or attempt.

    • No matter what keeps happening with you in life, you have the only option of doing your best & marching ahead.

    • Constant futuristic attitude is very much important in life. Only that person reaches his destiny whose whole & sole attention is focussed on his goal, no matter what distracts him & no matter what type of problem he faces & to what extent.

    • To rise high in life, it is first of all necessary to fall deep enough in life.

    • In real life there is never a second chance, it is just now or never.

    • God is always the invisible companion of those who are innocent at heart. 

    • That person who says he knows everything is that fool who does not know anything & further all that he knows is practically of no use. That person who says he knows nothing is that intelligent person who knows quite a lot & further his knowledge is of much practical use.

    • That person who takes life as it comes makes it very large in life.

    • One who is really intelligent perceives everyone to be intelligent whereas one who is really foolish perceives everyone to be foolish.

    • That person is indeed a great fool who fails to see the intelligence of another person.

    • That person is intelligent who gets peace of mind, happiness & satisfaction at the end through good means & without curses of others.

    • Often one says --- “I will definitely do it”, with great emphasis on “definitely”. What he means is that he is “definitely not” going to do it.

    • Often one gets afraid or laid back seeing the strength of the opposite side. The real reason for getting laid back is often not the strength of the opposite side so much as the failure to see the strength of your own side.

    • Extrovert person is often misunderstood by the society as that person who talks with everyone, acts very smart in society & has more friends, contacts and social circle than anyone else. Practically speaking, the person who is really an extrovert is the person who dares to think positively & has the ability to make the “best out of the worst”.

    • Result of self-centered/selfish/narrow minded personality = Blockage of intellectual development.

    • Result of selfless/broad minded personality = Intellectual development beyond imaginable levels.

    • Result of being practical = Peace of mind.

    • Result of being dutiful & not running away from problems = Satisfaction.

    • Result of crooked mindedness & fraudulent mentality = Backward process of spiritual degradation.


  • Introspection & self-development

    • Introspection is all about going behind the screen to evaluate that which you cannot see with the physical eyes. Feeling that you are wrong somewhere in some way is the 1st stage of introspection. Feeling the need to do introspection is the 2nd stage of introspection.

    • Egoistic & ignorant fools are incapable of doing introspection.

    • Those who do introspection end up getting tremendous peace of mind & happiness even though they may not have anything material in possession whereas those who don't end up getting frustrated even though they may have the highest of materialistic items in possession.

    • Life without introspection is no life. That person who does not spend some time at least regularly to introspect events & himself often loses largely in life, without realizing it.

    • There is no self-development without introspection.


  • Time management

    • One who fails to manage time properly often fails to manage life properly.

    • Thinkers often fail to manage time well & deliver on time.

    • Time is that which changes within no time.

    • Time can become man’s greatest deserter, leaving him reduced to almost nothing.

    • Time is that lifetime companion which anyone always requires throughout life, much more than the company of life partner. If life partner deserts you, you can still survive somehow but if your time deserts you, survival becomes problematic for many.


  • Bad time

    • Success of bad time lies in killing the hope of man that something good will happen in future.

    • 1 year of bad time teaches man that which 10 years of good time don't teach.

    • Bad time shows you what you are from within, how much you can stretch to live on.

    • Bad time shows you the reality about life. It shows you the real thing behind the screen.

    • It is not everyone's cup of tea to fight with bad time. Only those having tremendous tolerance, high level of perseverance & positive mentality are fit to fight with bad time.

    • Bad time adds great flavour to those who are already negative minded by making them all the more sick.

    • Bad time many times gives as many opportunities as it gives problems to man.

    • Result of good time = Going away from God.

    • Result of bad time = Being drawn closer to God.







It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!