Karma in short means all actions done by human beings in every form through all means available for humans to act including & covering professional karma, which is the prime karma & also spoken words, relations management, etc. The result of all that man does through all ways & means given to man to do or act or affect others in some way or the other comes under "karma".



Man cannot escape the effects of karma, of this life & also of past life or lives. Karma leaves a long lasting effect on man's mentality & character. A person's mentality & karma are inter-related to each other. Bad mentality forces one to do bad karma & constantly doing of bad karma one after another in turn adds fuel to your bad mentality. Thus, karma has the significance of affecting your mentality & character.


Driving force behind a person's karma

A person's mentality & character is the main driving force behind a person's karma along with situational or circumstantial compulsions. Even though situationally a person may be compelled to do certain thing or activity in a certain way, it is ultimately that person's mentality & character which decide whether any person will act in a particular manner in a particular situation or not.


Ability to do good karma

That person who has a mentally balanced personality with a tinge of ethics to it & one who does not carried away with materialistic benefits or gains always keeps doing good karma throughout his life. Perfect & ethical mind = perfect & ethical karma.


Unforgivable karma

Basically there is no forgiveness for any type of bad karma but specifically there is absolutely no mercy/forgiveness for bad karma regarding:

  • Career, work, business.

  • Financial matters.

  • Materialistic life aspects.



It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!