Marriage matching

Marriage matching or matching horoscopes of boy & girl with each other is an integral part or application of astrology, particularly in India. Since ancient times, ashtakoot matching or 8 point matching is very famous in Indian Hindu astrology. More aspects for matching beyond these 8 aspects are also considered. These aspects are given in the table below. This table is for your reference. However, I personally consider different method altogether besides these aspects because just the matching of these aspects by itself or in itself is not sufficient to conclude that the alliance or relationship between boy & girl is going to be harmonious.


My method consists of matching all these & additional aspects for marriage matching, in a different way altogether. I don't suggest the strength of marital bond based on % of matching marks but bluntly tell as to whether sustenance of marital relation exists first of all individually in the boy's as well as girl's horoscope & secondly how favorably the relationship will be affecting each. Secondly the main aspect that I focus on is whether the person will be getting satisfaction because of marital relation & whether the person will suffer if not married. To summarize, I focus on telling as to whether the person will suffer or not suffer being married or even not being married. Some suffer because of being married & some suffer because of not being married. Some don't suffer in both of such cases. I predict regarding this bluntly irrespective of any sexual bias or prejudiceMy astrology book will contain full details of my method along with elaborate explanation of all these aspects mentioned below. 



It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!