Learnings of materialistic life

In the words that follow I express what I have personally realized from life experiences or what life has taught me. These are purely 100% my own words or thought process. I have not copied these sentences or phrases from anywhere, even though they may coincidentally match with someone else’s words or phrases. You can click on any red colored topic just below to directly go to the details of that particular topic. All that I express below is my independent personal opinion. I am also writing a book titled "The Human Mind" which will contain all details about all the mentalities mentioned in my astrological reports, explaining flow of emotions.





Thoughts & thinking process


  • Business

    • That businessman who does business thinking about only his own benefit at the end is a foolish businessman. That businessman who does business thinking about benefits for himself, his customers as well as his staff is a very smart businessman.

    • That businessman who gives bad quality to customers & charges high is a foolish businessman. That businessman who gives high quality to customers & charges less is a smart businessman.

    • Business depends on these factors & the moment you go wrong regarding any of these you are finished --- Depth of thinking, financial backing & publicity.

    • Business is not something to be done by a narrow minded person.

    • Having good money as start-up capital is necessary for starting any business but not the ultimate deciding factor whether you will be successful in your business. Even a person with 0 investment can start a business. What is required the most is that you should know in & out of your product or service from start to end.

    • Ability to conceive & develop new ideas is something very much essential for you to have if you want to do business. Properly understanding & feeling the meaning and significance of these 2 words “practical” & “possibility” is very much important if you want to do business. 

    • That businessman who has properly studied & researched on the mental state or psychology of his customer or client base is a smart businessman.

    • If you are on top position in any organization & want to start a business, it is not necessary that you will be successful. It is because the nature of attitude & mentality required by a top management person is not the same as that required by a businessman.

    • When you do business, you should not make your friend a client & your client a friend. In the former case, friendship suffers & in the latter case business suffers. But if you are unable to prevent yourself from doing so, then forget about calculations & have peace of mind. 

    • That businessman who sets the price of his product or service at that level which majority of the society can pay is a smart businessman.

    • Business is not for emotional people.

    • Ability to think deep enough about your product or service is something very much essential for achieving success in business.


  • Career

    • Career is not about changing jobs & getting salary hike. It is about creating value for yourself by specializing in any particular field or subject. 

    • In the corporate world, no one is either your friend or enemy. Relation keeps changing as per situation. Behaving as per situational needs in the corporate world is what you call "corporate politics".

    • Those who are shy of working hard cannot make it big in career.

    • There are many for whom opportunity has come knocking at their doors while there are many who have to struggle a lot but still are deprived of those opportunities.

    • Rising to a very high position in life is good. But it is more important to be capable enough to maintain that position & success. The greater the height to which you rise, the greater is the pain when you fall from that height.

    • One should always strive to carve out a career in that field wherein he has some amount of passion rather than focussing on routine type of professions. Why? Because anyone will always be perfect in doing that which his heart always longs to do rather than doing that which one is forced to do.

    • One should also always strive to carve out a career in that field wherein he has been involved in some way or the other throughout his life from early childhood. Why? Because he knows in & out of that field more than anyone else.

    • One should never take career lightly. Career is not a subject of sitting back & relaxing. It does not end with achieving success in career. It is 10 times more important to maintain consistency of your performance than to just perform once. One small mistake from your side & you are finished. 

    • Success achieved in career does not stay long enough with those who don't have respect for it & get carried away by success. Only those who have enough of calmness & peace of mind are able to properly manage success well enough to maintain it for a long time.

    • Job is for that person who wants to be dependent on an organization. Business is for that person who wants to make others dependent on him.

    • Many organizations pay fat salaries. They do so for blaming you for the position you occupy & for tolerating the frustration in that position.

    • Many organizations pay fat salaries for positions which involve doing almost nothing or negligible & routine tasks. They pay those fat salaries for killing your career by way of slow poison.

    • Job is suitable only for that person who can mould his mind according to the situation without any complaint in his sub-conscious mental state. Person of an independent mental state filled with lot of ethical & moral values finds it very difficult to continue long term sustenance in any organization.

    • Uneducated person many times earns more than the educated person.

    • Qualification of the educated person can become a great hindrance in case that person is required to do something other than that pertaining to qualification, whereas the same situation may not present any adjustment & mentality problems to the unqualified person. The unqualified person can be ready to do anything & everything to earn bread & butter if the need arises. Practically speaking, in such situations, being qualified which is actually a strength, becomes weakness for the qualified person & not being qualified, which is actually a weakness, becomes strength of the unqualified person. Qualification greatly customises the mental state, reducing the ability to adjust practically as per situational requirements whereas not being qualified leaves the mental state free to be moulded in any manner as per situation.

    • Being highly qualified ensures that you get good job with good profile, salary benefits, etc. but is not a guarantee or an assurance as to how successful you are going to be in that position. The extent to which you can stretch & tolerate mentally is the deciding factor. Being highly qualified is one thing & surviving practically in any organization is an entirely different thing altogether.

    • Being highly qualified & getting a good job with good position is not the end of the matter. Practically speaking, you are not yet done till you understand everything that is going on in & around you in the organization.

    • Being highly qualified is not worth it if you are doing that in an organization which is something quite different from your qualification.

    • For giving high level performance at your job interest of your heart in what you are doing is very much required. That person who is not that much interested in doing the task allotted to him always falls back in performance.

    • Carving out a career for yourself is all about developing your ability “to do”. This “to do” does not pertain to routine activities but particularly those activities which will earn bread & butter for you. Considering all that a person can do for bread & butter, it is always very much less that a person can do because rarely is a person multi-talented.

    • During initial years of job it is more important what you learn than how much you earn. Early years of high earning with less learning lead to later years of less earning.

    • Progress is indicative of a good career. If you are doing something today & to the same extent that you were doing 5 years ago, then you need to work on your career.

    • If you are someone else's boss you should always know more than that person. Also you should know what that person does beneath & behind you. If you don't, then you are a person unworthy of becoming a boss.

    • What is the most important in career is where you are ultimately reaching or ending up after implementing all that you have always thought of.

    • The greater your name, fame & popularity = The lesser your privacy, personal life & freedom.


  • Money

    • When money comes in or flows in to you in great amounts then you must alert yourself that some big expenditure is going to come your way which will take your money out also in great amounts.

    • That person who earns less but has liquid money available in his hands for all expenses exactly at the time when he needs & to the extent he needs during majority of his life time is extremely lucky than that person who earns a lot but does not have liquid money at his access.

    • Money earned through wrong means goes away through wrong means.

    • There is no peace of mind in that family where money has come through wrong means.

    • The person who dies with a lot of wealth accumulated to himself + bad/dirty curses of others is that poor person who has also been a great fool all through his life.

    • Intelligent person is one who spends correctly when one should be doing so. It is not about just being stingy & saving money but it is more about how intelligent you are in using money correctly at the right time & in the right manner to the right extent to benefit yourself at the end of it.


  • Thoughts & thinking process

    • What man thinks does not happen & that happens which man has never thought about.

    • Man's logic & reasoning power is seldom wrong, but the very basis of man's thinking process is many times wrong. Man does not check the 1st thought of his thinking process, takes it for granted & his entire thinking process goes for a big toss.

    • Man thinks about anything & everything EXCEPT ABOUT what he sees with the physical eyes. Physical appearance or sight about something is that which puts man's thoughts & thinking process under lock & key. Even the most intelligent man can go tremendously wrong in his thinking process due to what he perceives on seeing something is actually something else.

    • The person who keeps thinking on & on about something is that person who is not that much capable of taking decisions.

    • Man's natural state is "not to think" rather than "to think".

    • Too much of thinking destroys or pierces the mental aura & destabilises man's psychological balance.

    • Greatest mistake that man commits in his thinking process all the time is "not thinking" about that which requires his attention/focus & "thinking" about that which does not.

    • You don't realize the essence of what you are thinking about unless & until you practically implement your thoughts. Only after implementing your thoughts practically do you realize the accuracy or correctness of your thought process.

    • If you practically implement what you are thinking, it takes much lesser time than the time spent on thinking about it on & on. 

    • Once you start thinking, you don’t feel like doing & slowly stop doing. Once you stop thinking, you feel like doing & start doing more and more. Thought is that which can put your action under lock & key.







It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!