It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!




Thoughtlessness meditation

I have myself done this meditation since 1995 & it has helped me greatly in all walks of life.

  • Sit at a place in a relaxed position with eyes closed.

  • Stop thinking & avoid indulging in thoughts.

  • Keep the brain tension free.

  • Listen to all sorts of sounds & noises around you and concentrate on listening without interruption so that you are able to avoid thinking. For this you can turn on music & songs with lots of background sounds.

  • You can attempt this even while travelling for long hours in buses & trains which is the best time to do this meditation.

  • Advantages of this meditation---

    • Increased speed in doing work.

    • Increase of intellect & intelligence.

    • Good memory power.

    • Peace of mind.

    • Positive attitude.

    • Extreme high level of concentration and focus.

    • Reduced sleeping hours.

    • Improvement in health, particularly digestive system.

  • At higher levels of advanced meditative stages, you will start getting visions & this can help in awakening the crown/sahasrara chakra.

  • The focus should be on avoiding thoughts & stopping thinking completely because the real nature of mind is ‘not to think’ rather than ‘to think’. For this initially listening to sounds helps avoiding thoughts indirectly. At higher levels you enter into a peaceful state & can avoid thoughts independent of whether you listen to sounds & noises or not.

  • Indication of meditation in the right direction --- 

    • Intense uncontrollable itching around the base of the neck.

    • Increased hunger/appetite.

    • Intense sweating on the forehead despite fans or air conditioners being on very nearby.

    • Feeling of extreme calmness & relaxation all through the body. 



It is necessary for the following:

  • Increasing your capacity to work continuously non-stop.

  • Improving your performance at work place.

  • Increasing your level of undestanding, reasoning power.

  • Reducing unnecessary stress, tension & anxiety.

  • Doing the right thing at the right time in the right manner.

  • Improving all your human relations.

  • Being unaffected by all day to day problems, improving your mental immunity & tolerance.