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Astrological remedy

My astrological remedies

Necessity of astrological remedies  

Different astrological remedies


Astrological remedy

  • People approach astrologers for solving day to day problems like the following:

    • ​Professional & financial problems.

    • Marriage problems.

    • Children problems.

    • Health problems.

    • Various other problems.

  • ​Astrological remedy means that occult measure suggested by an astrologer implementing which day to day human life problems can be solved or minimized.


My astrological remedies

  • There are innumerable occult measures and different astrologers suggest different type of measures. I suggest following astrological measures, which are 100% natural without any side-effects:

    • ​Mantra chanting.

    • Gemstones.

  • What mantra chanting means? It means that we are accepting the fact that our lives are 100% controlled by planets & we are respecting them by chanting the related mantras.  

  • What happens during mantra chanting? Following happen during mantra chanting:  

    • Your etheric karma starts getting regulated, intensifying results.   

    • Planetary vibrations of badly placed planets get smoothened, thereby reducing irritation & mental torture.   

    • Your aura, 7 spiritual chakras start getting balanced & in some cases get opened, thereby completely changing your personality.  

  • What happens because of wearing gemstones?

    • Planetary vibrations of weakly positioned planets get strengthened & the chances/possibilities of getting results are increased.

    • Planetary vibrations of strongly positioned planets get even more powerful.  

  • How soon will gemstones & mantra chanting give effect? This is a question difficult to be answered because the planetary vibrations, vimshottari maha dasa, past life karma, etc. of any 2 persons are totally different. Generally speaking, say today you wear gemstones & start mantra chanting then for the 1st 3 months there will be changes taking place in your astrological vibration. For the next 6 to 9 months these changes will become stronger. So it will take at least 1 year for a strong change to be manifested in your astrological vibration. You have to be patient enough. Some people get immediate effect whereas some get effect after lot of time.    

  • I don't suggest following measures:

    • I don’t recommend charity for getting or enhancing results because the very basic meaning or implication of charity is giving something to someone without any selfish motive or expectation in return. Hence doing charity for getting job, money or any other return or benefit for yourself looks very cheap.  

    • I don’t recommend/suggest homams, yagnas, havans & other extremely serious rituals. I also don’t recommend/suggest my clients to do costly poojas on the pretext of getting materialistic results or getting rid from mental miseries/planetary/graha dosh.  

    • I don’t recommend fasting as an astrological remedy. Fasting is actually more of a spiritual practice & practically speaking you have to do fasting of not being egoistic, jealous, etc. at least for a day which is more important practically rather than not eating food for a day. God gets pleased by spiritual development & not fasting.  

  • I am not that astrologer who will speak like this --- “Don’t worry, come to me. I am there for you, who will solve all your problems. Take this gemstone, wear it & you will get result within 15 days, so on & so forth”. I don’t talk like this because talking like this is the job of those astrologers who can’t see the truth in your horoscope first of all & secondly who are egoistic enough to talk & behave as if they have become God. In the process of giving relief from mental miseries to people, man should not try to become God.  

  • Wherever I have specified that it will be difficult to get or sustain result, then mantra chanting & gemstones can help reduce the problems but you cannot get that which is beyond the scope of your stars to give you.  

  • What has to happen will happen & I consider myself in the capacity of an astrologer as an agent of stars to tell you what is going to happen or what lies in store for you in the future & not as a person who will manipulate the future to give whatever you want. All my astrological remedies are in line with or according to your future to reduce the negativity of bad time & increase the positivity of good time but in no way to intended to manipulate & give you what is fully out of the scope of your stars or prohibited by your stars to give you.  

  • Some people get very quick results or relief from miseries while some get after lot of efforts in remedial measures. This is due to difference in the intensity of planetary vibrations & bad karma.  

  • To conclude, daily & regular mantra chanting can solve majority of your problems & hence it will do you good to do as much mantra chanting as possible backed by fulfillment of your duties in different roles played by you to the maximum capacity & everything will be fine.  


Necessity of astrological remedies  

Astrological remedies are necessary for:

  • Reducing bad luck.

  • Increasing good luck.

  • Enhancing our astrological vibrations.

  • Getting peace of mind.

  • Moving forward in our spiritual growth.


Different astrological remedies

Astrological remedies are mainly of 2 types:

  • Natural astrological remedies & 

  • Unnatural astrological remedies.


Natural astrological remedies are those which come within the purview of astrology & have no side effects. Gemstones & mantra chanting are natural astrological remedies.


Unnatural astrological remedies are those which are outside the purview of astrology & have side effects for the clients of astrologer as well as the astrologer himself. Following black magic methods to get results, charity to others to get results for oneself, etc. are unnatural astrological remedies.


There is no shortage of astrological remedies, especially unnatural remedies but the important point to be noted is that getting results or giving materialistic results to clients is important, no debate on that, but what is 10 times more important is HOW you get those results or give those results to your clients as an astrologer AND the method of mode of getting/giving those results SHOULD IN NO WAY GO AGAINST GOD & NATURE. In the process of solving problems of clients, the astrologer should not try to become God.