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Practical use



  • It will contain the exact & scientific way in which astrology works. Present books contain predictions based on specific planetary positions, ignoring other positions & empty houses. My book will contain prediction for each & every planetary position along with equally complete prediction for each empty house in the lagna/birth chart. My book will be scientific because I will relate each planetary position to a specific prediction by way of answer to the question ‘why’?

  • It will contain systematic, step by step method for prediction.

  • It will contain many real life examples with detailed analysis.

  • It will be full of numbers & calculations.

  • It will be based on unbiased justice, without being prejudiced to any particular planet or position, etc.

  • It will contain that uniform or one way in which astrology works & that method can be used by all astrologers to make uniform predictions.

  • It will contain calculations which will prove that lagna/birth chart is self sufficient by itself for astrological analysis & resultant prediction.

  • It will contain definitions, terms, concepts & rules for predictions.

  • It will prove that astrology is the finest calculation of God, present within or inside the lagna/birth chart. It will prove how good a mathematician God Himself is!!!

  • Every portion of my book will be practically useful 100% in reaching towards accurate prediction. Focus of my book will be to serve as practical guide to understand the birth/lagna chart to take real life practical decisions.

  • It will contain all that I have found by logical analysis & reasoning by sitting on a chair rather than copying from what is available on the internet & other books. Because if you say that I have written a book it should contain all that you have found out or realized by your personal experience and applying your mind & if you copy from other book and say that I have written then it is very much wrong a statement.

  • If any layman who does not know even ABCD of astrology reads my book from start to end then he will able to give accurate & exact guidance with 100% satisfaction to any person who seeks astrological advice.

  • It can be a good contribution towards astrological research the numerological way & it can be a good contribution from India to the entire world.


The format of my book is ready with index, chapters, etc. & the first draft edition of my book will be of minimum 1,500 + pages. I will be spending quite some time in the coming days to pen down all that I found out through my astrological research & reasoning so that others can benefit.


Practical use

  • Complete 100% uniformity in astrological prediction.

  • Systematic prediction.

  • Accuracy of prediction.

  • Increase of faith of common man in astrology due to accurate prediction.


Astrologers all over the world can follow the systematic prediction method mentioned in my book so that there is complete uniformity in predictions of any 2 astrologers.