My client testimonials

In the following words I truly & sincerely express what my clients have told me from their own experience (without altering even to the extent of 0.01%) as to what they think about me & my astrological services ---

  • You are the best astrologer I have ever known.

  • You have clarity of thought.   

  • You are a great astrologer.

  • You see horoscope very minutely.

  • You have specified vaastu requirements in great detail.

  • You have prediction power.

  • You tell the fact.

  • You are too much into astrology.

  • Hey, you seem to be a great rising astrologer.

  • I have always felt very nice after talking to you.

  • I have felt extremely happy after talking to you & listening to your prediction.

  • I have felt extremely positive after listening to your prediction.

  • I regret why I did not meet you earlier & why you did not come into my life earlier.

  • I call you because I feel nice after talking to you & discussing my problems with you.

  • Every word that you say turns out to be true.


My clients can be contacted for getting feedback about me & my services 

                          Ravi Iyer

                                   +91 98337 66328











                                                                                                                                 Prabaker Vincent


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