My clients

My clients range from the common man to well positioned businessmen. 

  • Small scale business owners in Mumbai.

  • Professionals like chartered accountants, engineers, doctors, etc.

  • People in senior level management positions in top notch companies.

  • Common man of any class or section of the society.


Span of clients

  • Span across all sections of society irrespective of:

    • Religion.

    • Caste, creed or sex.

    • Profession.

  • I am not prejudiced with respect to my clients & all human beings are equal to me, irrespective of any condition of any sort.


My clients span across following countries & I have sent written prediction reports online to clients in these countries:

  1. India, with focus on Mumbai. 

  2. Oman. 

  3. Bahrain. 

  4. Dubai. 

  5. Malaysia.

  6. Singapore. 

  7. USA. 

  8. Peru. 

  9. Spain. 

  10. South America.


Benefits to clients

My clients have been benefitted the following ways:

  1. Child birth. 

  2. Career progress & recognition. 

  3. Undertaking major risks like new business, etc. at the right time in the future.

  4. Financial prosperity. 

  5. Right match for marriage. 

  6. Overall materialistic prosperity. 

  7. Peace of mind & happiness.

  8. Revival of hope & positivity to live for the future in cases where present times are very bad.   

  9. Activeness & sharpness of mind with reduction of laziness towards work. 

  10. Attunement towards Godliness & spirituality.


My clients have attained these benefits after adhering to the following prescribed by me:

  1. Mantra chanting & God worship.

  2. Gemstones of the correct type in the correct fingers.

  3. Timings of what should be done when.

More than 95% of my clients have been greatly benefitted after wearing the gemstones prescribed by me & life conditions have greatly changed. Those who have blindly followed my remedial measures without the slightest doubt of even 0.01% have got instant benefits since getting results in these occult matters greatly depends on the extent of faith you have.


My client retention or return status

  • 100% trust by clients on my astrological predictions & statements.

  • Major life decisions taken by clients based on my astrological consultation.

  • Prediction accuracy of more than 95%.

  • Client return or retention of almost 100%.


It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!