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My gratitude

My Great Guru, The Great Sri Raghavendra Swami

Lord Shiva

Sri Panchanguli Devi

Lord Narayana

Shani Maharaj


My gratitude

Man gets everything from others. These others include parents first of all, siblings, friends, so on & so forth extending upto even the common man. All that man gets from others make up his life, make him lucky or unlucky & shape his personality through materialistic results & spiritual experiences. But man also gets a lot directly from God & Godly people like spiritual Guru(s). In fact this entire world has been created by God so whatever man gets from human beings he gets in one way indirectly from God since everything has come from Him. Still, for that something that man gets directly from God & Godly people needs an acknowledgement, isn’t it? This has happened in my case personally, more so than any other person, for which I extend my gratitude as under: 













My Great Guru, The Great Sri Raghavendra Swami

THANK YOU, MY GREAT GURU, THE GREAT GURU OF ALL GURU(S), THE VERY GREATEST, SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMI, for having been the backbone of my life. I personally thank YOU for the following: 

1)    For having guided me spiritually all the time. 

2)    For having been the only source of hope during my bad time. 

3)    For having given me mental peace & happiness. 

4)    For having made me believe in myself. 

5)    For always having been there with me since 1995. 












Lord Shiva

THANK YOU, DEVON KE DEV MAHADEV (GOD OF ALL GODS LORD SHIVA), for having given me this astrological knowledge contained in this report. There was a time when I used to go my astrologer for guidance during my bad time. I used to tell him that I chant the mantra “Om Namaha Shivaaya”. He told me this --- “Nothing is there in that mantra, that mantra is not powerful & you will get effect only if you chant at least for 4 or 5 lakh times.” From that day I stopped going to see him. I have always chanted “Om Namaha Shivaaya” mentally way back from 1995-96. However, from 2010-11 I started oral chanting. As soon as I started chanting orally, as if from nowhere all of a sudden I started understanding astrology the moment I started pondering as to how astrology actually works. In fact, all this knowledge contained in this report I have obtained by just sitting on a chair & analyzing events/happenings compared to planetary positions without reading books. To be precise, I started understanding astrology the moment I stopped reading books & started analyzing astrology with reference to my astrological observations since early childhood. All this has happened because of “Lord Shiva”. And did I chant for 4 or 5 lakh times? No, not at all, actually I have been very much irregular in chanting but I have got extremely tremendous effect. Of course, I have personally applied my mind a lot & racked my mind to understand astrology but you need a special psychic sense for doing so, which I have got because of chanting “Om Namaha Shivaaya”. I personally thank YOU, Lord Shiva for the following: 

1)    For having given that special psychic attunement required for understanding astrology. 

2)    For having given that psychic intelligence to analyze horoscope without having the need to resort to astrological books, internet information, shodasha varga charts, etc. 

3)    For having given me that psychic intelligence to analyze horoscopes the numerological way, considering practical happenings, proving accuracy of prediction based on lagna/chart independently 100%. 

4)    For having given me visions of 3rd eye, visions of past & future happenings. 

They don’t call him “Devon Ke Dev Mahadev (God of all Gods)” just like that, He very well deserves to be called so!!! My personal experience is this --- “It is not that nothing is there in the mantra of “Om Namaha Shivaaya”. No need to chant 4 or 5 lakh times. Chant it the way I have described in “Please Note” for some times & you will get immediate tremendous effect. In the mantra “Om Namaha Shivaaya” EVERYTHING IS THERE. EVERYTHING MEANS ANYTHING & EVERYTHING IN THE LITERAL SENSE OF THE TERM”.  

HIS greatness lies in HIS simplicity, HE is THAT GREAT WHO APPEARS EXTREMELY SIMPLE AS IF HE IS NOTHING, but fools fail to see & understand HIM















Sri Panchanguli Devi

THANK YOU, THE QUEEN OF ASTROLOGY & TANTRA VIDYA, THE GREAT GODDESS PANCHANGULI DEVI, for having given me all the confidence & clarity needed for astrological predictions. Even though I got psychic attunement through “Om Namaha Shivaaya” I used to be confused many times about astrological calculations in some way or the other. However, all those confusions got fully 100% cleared because of chanting “Panchanguli Mantra”. All astrological analysis that I have done in my sub-conscious mind while chanting “Panchanguli Mantra” cleared everything beyond reasonable doubt. In fact, all that is contained in my astrological reports is known to me for quite some time but I was not clear on one point. That one point got 100% cleared while chanting “Panchanguli Mantra” due to which I have been able to generate this report. This report I have been able to prepare out of nothing just like that because of clarity that I have got by chanting “Panchanguli Mantra”. I personally thank YOU for the following: 

1)    For having given that required confidence for astrological prediction. 

2)    For having given me that numerological clarity beyond doubt. 

3)    For having awakened 6th sense quite to some extent in me. 

4)    For having given me dreams about the past & future happenings. 

5)    For having changed my astrological vibration tremendously. 

6)    For having given good results to my clients. 

All the astrological fees that my clients given me, commonly referred to as “dakshina” are placed in front of Goddess Panchanguli by me after which only I use that money. Almost everyone, barring a few due to intensity of bad karma, has got tremendous effect & change in their lives including astrological vibration, for which the credit goes to Goddess Panchanguli. She is the “Queen of Astrology”& no one is above HER!!! 















Lord Narayana

THANK YOU, LORD NARAYANA, THE LORD OF KARMA & JUSTICE, for having given those proper & accurate thoughts very much essentially required for understanding astrology. Thoughts make a man, thoughts destroy a man. Let man think one thing wrong & he is finished. As luck is important for a man, equally important is what he thinks, in fact, being able to think accurately, properly & correctly is 100 times more important than having good luck because without your thought process being accurate what good can luck do to you? Is it not? The greatest mistake that man does in his thinking process is in thinking that is right when is actually wrong. Another great mistake that man does is in thinking intelligent/clever about himself when is actually foolish. You should get those thoughts which make you realize where you are wrong rather than making you realize where others are wrong. Very few know that is LORD NARAYANA who secretly controls the destiny of human beings by giving those thoughts needed for a man to reach his destiny. Correct thoughts lead a man to rightful destiny & wrong thoughts to wrongful destiny. HE is that PRACTICAL GOD who is inbetween us but we don’t realize HIS PRESENCE. HE IS ANYTHING & EVERYTHING IN & ABOUT THIS WORLD. I personally thank YOU for the following: 

1)    For having given me correct, accurate thoughts to understand astrology. 

2)    For having given me those thoughts that made me check myself & my thinking process lot of times.

3)    For having given me those thoughts which proved the accuracy of my thinking process by relating to the logic of my astrological findings to actual happenings in the past.

If you have LORD NARAYANA inside your brain & mind in the form of accurate, correct & justful thoughts, you cannot perish, no matter what bad time you face!!!















Shani Maharaj

THANK YOU, SHANI MAHARAJ (SATURN), THE PLANETARY LORD OF KARMA & JUSTICE, for always having saved me astrologically during bad times. Everyone shudders with fear, especially in India, on just hearing the mention of the word “Shani”. In fact, the truth is that everyone is afraid of “Shani”& misunderstands Him to be bad, wicked, etc. So far as I am concerned, the truth is that it is “Shani/Saturn” who is perfectly positioned in my horoscope & has saved me always for the past many years, practically speaking. I personally thank YOU for the following:

1)    First of all, for being well placed/positioned in my horoscope.

2)    For having always saved me during my bad times.

3)    For having given that correct mental faculty required to analyze horoscopes.

4)    Last but not the least, for having cleared my mind/mental state completely during “saade-saati”, that 7 ½ year period of Shani transit from behind, through & after your moon sign, which is the most feared time period for everyone!!! For everyone this time period is the most dangerous & fearful but for me it has been reverse & has been extremely fruitful in the literal sense of the term!!!

By just glancing at the horoscope, I first see whether “Shani/Saturn” is well positioned & if not, I simply start giving a completely negative prediction because a badly placed "Shani/Saturn" will not make the person do anything properly & will further not allow anything to be saved. No matter how that person earns, what is his stature, a badly placed “Shani/Saturn” has the power to reduce the value of that highly positioned man to almost nothing or a big 0. Conversely, no matter how much a person suffers or how low is a person’s position, a well placed “Shani/Saturn” has the power to raise the value of that lowly positioned man to such great heights which you cannot even think of. In short, where a person will reach from where is decided by “Shani/Saturn”. A well placed/positioned “Shani/Saturn” never allows the person to keep quiet without doing anything. Further, it will not allow that person to go in the wrong path & deviate from ethical values, no matter how bad & compelling is the situation. Few know that a person with a well placed/positioned “Shani/Saturn” has the power to rule people/masses, such is the power of “Shani/Saturn” & it is a fact. A person with well placed/positioned “Shani/Saturn” has the power to rule the world & is second to none!!! Hardly anyone knows that “Shani/Saturn” catches everyone at 7.30pm on Saturdays. Every Saturday 7.30pm is that time when the fate of everyone can drastically change in any direction all of a sudden, just like that!!! It is that time of a Saturday when the most unexpected thing can happen & change the course of events from here to there within almost no time!!!