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Scope of my occult services  

I provide occult advice regarding life & mentality aspects based on:  

  • Astrology.   

    • Based on individual horoscope, I give astrological advice regarding the best suitability of doing or not doing any activity, best time for doing, etc. for all aspects & activities.

  • Numerology.

    • Based on the date of birth of a person plus individual horoscope, I give astrology based numerological advice as well as pure numerological advice as to the best suitability of numbers for all aspects & activities.

  • Vaastu Shastra.

    • Based on individual horoscope of the owner or tenant of the house, I give astrological vaastu advice as to the best suitability regarding decisions covering housing and real estate matters.

  • Color.

    • ​Based on individual horoscope, I give astrology based color advice as well as pure color advice as to the best suitability of colors for all aspects & activities.

  • Gemstones.

    • ​Based on individual horoscope, I give astrology based advice as to the best suitability of different gemstones for all aspects & activities.


Modes of providing my occult services

I provide my occult services through following modes:  

  • Personal meeting.

    • Clients approach me personally at my residence for astrological & other occult consultation. As per needs of clients I also personally visit them at their residences.   

  • Telephonic consultation.

    • I give telephonic consultation to clients based outside Mumbai whom I cannot personally visit. Clients can transfer money online to my bank account in such cases.   

  • Vaastu site visits.   

    • ​I personally visit locations in & around Central, Western & Harbour Lines of Mumbai to check vaastu vibrations of houses, shops, etc. to give advice regarding directions, etc.  

  • Written prediction reports.

    • I give written prediction reports as already mentioned in my home page --- "Written Reports".  

  • Astrology courses & training. 

    • ​I give astrology training to those genuinely/seriously interested in this field. My course is not an ordinary course which can be over studying in just 90 days or 3 months' time but it lasts for at least a 1 year. This course is of 5 levels with the 1st level covering all that is normally taught anywhere outside & rest 4 levels from Level 2 to Level 5 covers 100% what I have learnt from my personal analysis. Levels 2 to Levels 5 contain mind-boggling numerological analysis.