My prediction method

Synopsis of my prediction method


My prediction method
My prediction about future is based on my own style & method which is 100% scientific & natural and it is exactly based on the way that planetary vibrations work. I don’t make predictions based on the outdated or old methods commonly in practice which don’t work practically due to lack of truth or reality about the way that planetary vibrations work in those old methods. I have found out the way that planetary vibrations work through deep meditative stances & rigorous brain storming. My method is a perfect combination of all aspects together specifically for any person due to which accuracy is all the more ensured.

Generally following types of charts are used to present horoscopes:
1) West Indian Style.
2) East Indian Style.
3) South Indian Style.
4) European Style.
My method is based on the
"South Indian Style of horoscope presentation". All methods of chart presentation are one & the same and make no difference to the horoscope. Prediction is 100% based on "South Indian style/presentation of birth chart" since the other styles/presentations of birth charts are not suitable for analysis. All due respect to other styles, but the way birth chart is presented under ‘North Indian’, ‘East Indian’ & ‘Western’ systems are not user-friendly for astrological analysis beyond a certain level. The way I analyze is my own but only the horoscope presentation used to start analysis is that of South Indian Style.

The planetary positions at the time of birth are contained in the Lagna Chart or Birth Chart. Besides this Lagna Chart or Birth Chart there are 16 Shodasha Varga Charts or Divisional Charts which are artificially calculated charts.
My prediction is based solely or independently on the Lagna Chart or Birth Chart without the slightest resort or recourse to those 16 Shodasha Varga or Divisional Charts. Real astrologer is one who is able to predict based on the actual planetary positions at birth which are contained only in the Lagna Chart or Birth Chart. Resorting to these 16 Shodasha Varga or Divisional Charts for predictions is nothing but a sign of dependency as well as inaccuracy coupled with extreme risk in making predictions.


Synopsis of my prediction method

  • Prediction is 100% independently based on the lagna/birth chart, without the slightest resort of even 0.01% to the shodasha varga or divisional charts which are nothing but artificially calculated charts. I don’t consider even the navamsa chart, which is the most commonly referred to chart besides the lagna/birth chart, because there is no need to do so. Real/independent astrologer is one who predicts 100% based on lagna/birth chart without recourse to other charts. I have framed my own method to do so which is 100% independent. The excuse/reason given for resorting to these charts is that “lagna/birth chart alone is not enough/sufficient for prediction”. What in reality is not enough/sufficient is the lack of understanding on part of those astrologers to understand the lagna/birth chart. Astrology is the finest calculation of God & lagna/birth chart is self sufficient all by itself. What is lacking in understanding is man’s intelligence due to having ego first of all which does not allow man to see what should be seen & makes a man see what is practically useless totally and should not be seen & secondly ignorance which does not allow man to realize that man is wrong all the time.

  • Prediction is 100% based on my own method, which I title as "Gururaj Padhati or Method of Horoscope Analysis". My method is 100% scientific and is not at all based on what is written in astrological books and also not on the methods followed by other astrologers even to the extent of 0.01%. Past years of observation of astrological behavior of human beings & related happenings have led me towards this method of analysis of the birth chart which is 100% unique. I am in the process of compiling all my astrological research findings in the form of a book. This book will contain the exact way in which astrology works & it will contain all that I have found out through research.

  • Prediction is 100% based on numerological calculations of planetary positions and not based on the whims & fancies of my imaginations. Prediction is also not based on rough or best estimates but instead based on exact calculations leading towards prediction which is more of certain nature & less of probable/possible nature. These numerological calculations have been found out or discovered by me after lot of astrological analysis & they are not based on any calculation given in any astrological book even to the extent of 0.01%. I have tested my own calculations again & again by cross verifying them from different views & angles. My astrological calculations are 100% tallied calculations meaning that I can 100% prove their authenticity by cross verifying them. Also, I can 100% prove the authenticity of their practical effects. In short, my method is numerological or mathematical method of astrological analysis of lagna/birth chart.

  • I don’t follow Krishnamoorthy Padhati method, commonly referred to as KP method, even to the extent of 0.01% because there is no need to do so.

  • Prediction regarding marriage matching is neither based on 8 point matching carrying 36 marks nor the 20 point matching, commonly followed, even to the extent of 0.01%. For matching boy’s & girl’s horoscopes with each other for marriage, I first see the luck & mentality regarding marriage individually in each horoscope & then predict the strength of marital bonding. Then I check whether the forthcoming time periods are favorable for each other. I have my separate method for marriage matching also.

  • Prediction is 100% based on unbiased justice, listing down good as well as bad points, without being prejudiced to give a rosy picture to please you or to give a bad picture to depress you. In case you find the prediction & astrological report extremely positive or negative, it is so because I have felt based on planetary positions & not because I intend to personally give you such a picture. Adjectives are used only to emphasize the extent or intensity of the good or bad results & no way intended to give any personal opinion or hurt sentiments.

  • My focus is on  “Phala Jyotish” or “Result Oriented Astrology”  wherein I focus on whether or not you will be getting the desired materialistic results regarding various aspects of life & mentality. I have framed my own rules for astrological predictions. This method is fool-proof because I can prove it through mathematical or numerological or arithmetical accuracy which exists in the horoscope itself but cannot be seen by those astrologers who don’t take troubles to understand astrology. This is that method by which God controls fate of all human beings and it is not a good or better method but the only exact method in practice since ages controlling human fate & mentality.

  • Prediction focus is on  “Phala Jyotish” or “Result Oriented Astrology”  meaning that my method is aimed at predicting whether or not you will get satisfaction regarding various aspects of life. Focus is more on quality compared to quantity. For example, you do one marriage or more than one marriage, my focus is on whether you will be happy in marriage or not. You may change more than 10 jobs but my method is concerned with where you are reaching. Where you will ultimately reach or land up or end is what matters as per my method. My focus is on whether or not you will be getting the desired materialistic results regarding various aspects of life & mentality. I have framed my own rules for astrological predictions. This method is fool-proof because I can prove it through mathematical or numerological or arithmetical accuracy which exists in the horoscope itself but cannot be seen by those astrologers who don’t take troubles to understand astrology. 

  • Prediction is mainly based on 9 planets including Rahu (Dragon’s Head) & Ketu (Dragon’s Tail). Uranus, Neptune & Pluto have also been considered to the extent necessary.

  • Prediction is 100% independent of innumerable planetary yogas like Gajakesari Yoga, Kaal-Sarp Yoga, Kemadruma Yoga, etc. which are the basis for predictions by astrologers. My prediction method is not even 0.01% based on these planetary yogas but is instead based on calculations as already stated above. Of course, I am quite well aware of these yogas right from 1995 but my focus is on numerological calculations taking the lagna or ascendant additionally & not just considering any particular yoga in isolation. The reason being that just the presence or absence of a particular planetary yoga does not give certain results by itself & you have to consider the combined or cumulative effect of all planetary positions relative to each other in complete totality to make predictions. Any planetary yoga is a specific combination of positions of 2 or more planets relative to each other, giving certain effects as mentioned for that yoga. However, the specific positions of other planets are not considered & the effect of lagna/ascendant is also not considered because of which practically speaking, the stated effect of the planetary yoga goes for a big toss. Hence my method is based on the placement of all planets relative to each other, that too, after considering lagna/ascendent.

  • Any astrological book contains information on 12 houses. Career is 10th house, mother is 4th house, so on & so forth. However, I have not blindly accepted what I have read & instead made practically observed results as the basis for classification of aspects of life, mentality, relations & body parts into 12 zodiac signs referred to as 12 houses. Mentalities in the section on “Mentality” in my astrological reports are the result of my practical observation & their classification into 12 different minds are 100% my own. 

  • Technical jargon, for example, Mangal (Mars) is placed in so & so sign or so & so position from own house, etc. is fully avoided by me during predictions because you are concerned with the ultimate result or implication. Technical jargon along with astrological reasoning is a matter of concern to me as an astrologer & not to you as my client, hence I avoid it at the time of predictions.

  • Regarding other occult services covering vaastu, color advice, etc. also I have my own logic/rules and I advise as per my own practical finding & not as per what is commonly available on the internet.

  • Any person can start predicting horoscopes by reading all innumerable information available on internet as also those innumerable books available in the market. 90 days are more than enough to read these & start predicting. However, it does not happen so easily!!! You have to understand the way in which astrology works first of all. For understanding you have to first understand that you have not understood. And for understanding that you have not understood, ego should be less. You can be on the wrong track of thought process & you have to be on the right track first of all. You may think you are right but have to be actually right. Truth is not something easily available on the internet or in innumerable books. Truth is present in front of your eyes but we see only through physical eyes & our eyes fail to observe what actually happens and we go by what we see with our physical eyes. Hence, the ability to observe with the 3rd eye is the foremost requirement for a person to predict horoscopes & reading innumerable information available on the internet & books is of not even 0.01% use to practically predict horoscopes.

  • How much time I take to read your lagna/birth chart? Just by glancing at the lagna/ascendant I come to know the major problem areas of life. Within 2 minutes I come to know where you stand as per your chart. For those who require complete detailed prediction to be made out to them I take some 5 minutes or so before I start predicting.

  • All that I have mentioned above from is to make clear to you about 100% independence of my predictions as also to clear doubts in your mind about the basis/background of my predictions. I only mean to say that I have learnt astrology not just by reading books, in fact I have read innumerable books as well as lot of internet data, but I have learnt astrology from practical real life observations & experience. Hardcore real life practical experience is 100 times stronger & effective than theoretical bookish information. Truth is what you personally experience & not what is contained in books. I have personally experienced astrology since early childhood & that is my greatest strength, because my calculations are based on & exactly relate to actual happenings.











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