My prediction principles

My suggestions to clients

Who is an astrologer

Astrologer & the right to change destiny


My prediction principles

  • To tell the truth frankly, without giving clients a rosy picture to please them.

  • To frankly tell the support of luck regarding various aspects of life & mentality.

  • To explain about the future & forthcoming events in detail.

  • To point out the drawbacks or shortcomings of life, mentality & future.

  • To point out the strong points of life, mentality & future.

  • To let you know where you can go wrong in your thinking process.

  • Not to make money by giving a rosy picture to my clients & telling lies.

  • Maintaining confidentiality about client data.

  • To make the most pessimistic prediction in the most optimistic manner.

  • I believe in telling the truth, as revealed through horoscopes, to my clients without trying to fool them by giving a rosy picture. On the other side, pointing out the strong points of life, personality & forthcoming time periods to my clients is also a big part of my intention.

  • My prediction principle is to tell you the truth about your horoscope on your face bluntly without altering it to please you to give you a rosy picture. There is no difference in the thought that comes to my mind on seeing your horoscope & the prediction that I do. Whether my prediction is accurate or not is a matter of different concern but so far as speaking my mind out without altering it is concerned, till today I have not faltered. I may not be an expert astrologer who is able to tell you every minute detail about your horoscope but yes, I am very much a blunt astrologer. Some people get mentally upset because of negative prediction but I cannot help it because my duty is to tell the truth even though you get upset by hearing it.


My suggestions to clients

  • To suggest what is best to do in the forthcoming time periods.

  • To suggest regarding the right thing to be done at the right time in the right manner with the right person.

  • To suggest regarding best & worst week days.

  • To suggest regarding best & worst sun sign people and related months of the year.

  • To suggest which human relation is best suited for what type of life aspect & activity.

  • To suggest proper sectors for professional matters.

  • To suggest gemstones for maximizing good results & minimizing bad results.

  • To suggest proper methods of God worship & mantra chanting.


Who is an astrologer

I personally consider an astrologer as an agent of planets to tell or give information about future & other forthcoming events to human beings. An astrologer should never consider himself as a person who thinks he can change the future. But an astrologer is definitely a person who can suggest ways & means to attempt to make the future better through right ways of remedial worship and other measures. Except for exceptional cases, personally I don’t advocate doing poojas, homams, havans or other tantric rituals since I don’t consider myself to be a person who thinks he can or should be changing or manipulating the future. As an astrologer I have always made point blank predictions and have always attempted to bluntly tell what planets & nakshatras show about the future of the person whose horoscope I am seeing.


Astrologer & the right to change destiny

For a person to have right to do anything, he should have originated that thing all by himself. Astrological destiny is present in the horoscope of any person. As per that particular horoscope, certain aspects are present in destiny while others are absent. Reasons exist for both, presence as well as absence. It is not the right of the astrologer to suggest astrological remedies which give those results to clients which are beyond the scope of the client's horoscope. Why? Because it is God, who has created everything, this world, planets, stars, planetary positions, etc. including even the client's horoscope. So astrologer's duty is to take the client towards the destiny of client as evident by his or her horoscope, but it is not his right to do something by which the client gets something beyond the scope of his or her horoscope. If an astrologer does that, it is an unforgivable sin due to which he will not get liberation after death. But it is definitely the duty as well as right of an astrologer to suggest best ways & means of gemstones and mantra chanting, which are 100% natural ways & means to go closer to our destiny. That astrologer who suggests unnatural ways & means to clients to please them gets good name & fame in this materialistic world but sadly after death does not get liberation. Hence, for a person to practice as an astrologer, accurate & perfect knowledge regarding astrology is of course absolutely required but what is 100 times required more is spiritual development of the soul. A person who is not spiritually developed, with a mind filled with materialistic tendencies will only do everything to give all types of results to clients through all unnatural ways & means, without even realizing how wrong he is in doing so. It is not within the rights of the astrologer to change the destiny of clients by suggesting unatural ways & means, beyond that which is permissible by the client's horoscope.






It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!