My worshipping 

Since 1995 I have been doing thoughtlessness meditation & worshipping "Lord Shiva" by way of mental meditation. Since past some years I started worship by way of oral chanting. Since past some years I have been also worshipping "Goddess Panchanguli". My spiritual Guru is "The Great Guru Sri Raghavendra Swami". All these taken together have given me lot of spiritual/occult abilities, some of which I have mentioned below.

My spiritual/occult abilities  

  • Since childhood I have been blessed with a sense of intuition due to which many times I have often come to know of future happenings well in advance.

  • I get visions of the 3rd eye. These visions pertain to happenings in my personal life. These visions also pertain to future happenings & events along with visions of people whom I meet shortly after having visions.   

  • I have got dreams which have come out to be true by way of future happenings. I have got innumerable dreams about incidents & events which have happened in the past in certain places known & related to me. 


As of now, these spiritual/occult abilities are limited or confined to happenings in my own personal life and as & when these get developed I will be in a position to use them for the benefit of mankind.  

My experience with spirits & ghosts

I have also been blessed with the ability to see spirits & ghosts due to awakening of the 3rd eye by worshipping Shiva. I have suffered hell of a time because of spirits & ghosts, especially since 2002.


Many spirits & ghosts have appeared to me in visions, most of them girls & ladies. They communicate with me during my sleep & give me dreams of the past & future. These spirit girls manifest to me in my inner visions of 3rd eye exactly at the time when I wake up from my sleep. They manifest during that short time of 2 or 3 minutes from the time that one wakes up & that time that one physically opens eyes. Spirits of some girls are permanently attached to me since long time.


I can see white colored spirits & brown and black colored supernatural beings, especially those related to me or attached to me. Even at other places, in houses of my clients or on roads I have come across forms of spirits & ghosts.


My sense of intuition

Some examples of my intuition:

  • Many times while watching award functions for films & television serials I have come to know with certainty as to who will win the award while watching the nominations.

  • Sometimes while watching cricket matches, I have come to know with certainty as to who will win the match well in advance itself.

  • Many times I have come to know as to who will consult me for astrological services well in advance.

  • During meditation, I have got flashes of certain scenes in various films & after turning on the television I have watched exactly those films. This has happened innumerable times & keeps happening with me on almost regular basis.


Examples of my intuition ---

  • One day, long back, myself, my cousin brother & my dad were watching a cricket match in which India was playing. India was 2nd to bat & was in a very bad situation but I kept telling that India is going to win the match. Ultimately India won the match at the last moment. Immediately my cousin & dad turned their heads toward me & asked me how come I knew beforehand that India was going to win the match.

  • One day when I was in Bahrain in 2011, I saw the horoscope of my friend's friend & predicted that the father of my friend's friend can be expected to die anytime. That day was Sunday. Then the Thursday of the same week, I was sitting with my friend when he got a call from that friend whose horoscope I had seen on Sunday. His friend was calling from Bahrain airport to leave for India because unfortunately his father had expired between Sunday to Thursday.

  • When India was in the final of Cricket World Cup 2011, I was knowing with certainty that India is going to win the match & exactly thats what happened.

  • In Feb-Mar 2014, my father got paralysis attack & the doctor told that there are chances of recovery but not more than 75%, due to old age. That day was Monday. Somehow, I found it difficult to believe because my sixth sense did not allow me to accept what the doctor told & I was certain that the reverse is going to happen. Tuesday & Wednesday passed with absolutely no improvement. On the 3rd day, that is, Thursday, all of a sudden by God's grace & good wishes of known people my father completely recovered and his recovery has been 100% instead of 75%.

  • 2 of my friends/clients, both ladies, were having problems conceiving children & all other astrologers had told them that they won't be able to conceive, no matter what measures they take. I strongly felt that it won't be the case & predicted for both that they will be having the good fortune of conceiving & further giving birth to children. Exactly the same happened & both are happy today, having children as desired.

  • One day I was watching the movie Rahasya --- The Secret 2016 movie. When the girl who is the vamp or murderer makes her entry into the movie for the 1st time I immediately came to know that she is a spirit & not a human. But somewhere down the movie I felt that I was wrong. But finally towards the end of the movie, my intuition came to be right.

In all the above cases some special sense of intuition has always come to me which is "FEELING OF CERTAINTY" that this person or so & so is the ultimate result. This feeling is not an ordinary hunch or estimate but a feeling of knowing that "THIS ONLY IS THE RESULT".

My visions of 3rd eye

From childhood or to say correctly from birth I have been blessed with an activated 3rd eye due to which I have been able to see many elements of the ethereal & other world. This has been possible because of activated spiritual chakras carried forward from past yogic births.


From my teenage or college days I have been doing tremendous meditation due to which my 3rd eye got well activated during 2010 & since then I have been having tremendous visions of 3rd eye. Since 2010 I have had visions of the relevant aspects & persons in my life. Examples of visions of 3rd eye when I sit in transcendental meditation:

  • Problem areas in a particular house or locality.

  • Faces of known & unknown people whom I meet in the coming 2-3 days or within a week.

  • Scenes in movies which I coincidentally happen to watch just within the coming day.

  • Certain incidents which I don’t understand at the time of having vision but which happen exactly the same way as seen in the vision within a short time.

  • Incidents which have happened at a particular place many years ago.


Examples of my visions of 3rd eye ---

  • One day in 2005, I was doing meditation on a Sunday afternoon during which I got a vision of a tree falling. I did not understand that vision & thought it is my hallucination or something like that. Later in the evening on the same day I happened to watch the Hindi movie ‘Kaal’ in which there are 2 scenes of trees falling & one scene was exactly the same vision which I had seen in my afternoon meditation.

  • One day in 2010, during my night japa of "Om Namaha Shivaaya" I saw a man’s face & a snake. The next day I happened to meet a person & it was the same person whose face I had seen just a day ago. Also that same day, I purchased a book on astrology which had a snake on the cover page. It was the same snake that I had seen in my vision.

  • One day in 2011, I got a vision in which I saw a tree in yellow background. This vision I got with my eyes open during my night meditation. I did not understand & for 15 days I observed each & every tree in and around my locality to match that tree but in vain. Then later one night I got a dream full of crows. They were slightly different crows with very low necks slightly different from Indian crows. This dream was not of one or two but lot of crows. Again I did not understand anything. Then later that night I happened to watch the English movie ‘The Crow’ which had the same type of crows that had appeared to me in dreams just some hours ago. In that film at the end, the same tree appeared whose vision I had got almost 15 days ago. Still those scenes of that tree were not exactly matching with the tree in my vision & so I was not satisfied. Then almost at the end of the movie there is a still scene of say 5 seconds, in which exactly the same tree in the same way appeared which I had seen in my vision & I got immediately satisfied & my confusion also ended.

  • When I was in Bahrain in 2011, I got 3 consecutive visions, with the 1st vision containing faces of 3 men, 2nd vision of hands & fists and 3rd vision of plane. I did not understand exactly because the 1st 2 visions were blurred and the 3rd vision was in bright golden/yellow color. Then suddenly unrest & riots occurred in Bahrain against kings & heirs of Bahrain due to which everyone had to leave Bahrain. So once the riots started I understood that the 1st vision of 3 faces was that of kings & heirs of Bahrain, 2nd vision of hands & fists meant riots against them & the 3rd golden/yellow vision of plane vision meant that my returning back to India is written in my destiny.

  • One day, during my night meditation, I got a vision of a hand with first 4 fingers closed & thumb out. I did not understand. Just after some hours, I happened to turn on the television to see one English movie which was about a "Fist". The story is about a "valuable fist"In that entire movie that same hand, the fist, appeared many times, the fist which I had seen in my vision. 

  • One day I got a vision of one hand showing 1 by way of the pointing finger, with the other fingers closed. I did not understand. Later that same day, one of my friends posted a riddle on facebook which was like this --- "Which is that English word whose pronunciation starts with w but does not have w in it?" I answered this as "one". After some time I understood what the vision of hand showing 1 was.

  • When I was travelling to Bangkok, in the plane I got a vision of a hand showing 4 by way of four fingers open with the thumb closed. I did not understand. Then it so happened that the apartment in which I was staying while I was in Bangkok was on the 4th floor & then I understood the vision I had got in the plane.

  • One day during my night meditation I got visions of Sai Baba again & again and failed to understand the reasons for those visions. The very next day I attended an interview & just nearby the venue of the interview there were many & the same photos of Sai Baba which I had seen in visions the previous day.


These are just some examples & I have had innumerable such visions all of which cannot be mentioned.


Most of the visions show those people that I am going to come across within the next 24 hours or those incidents which are destined to happen with me in the next 24 hours.


Please note the following ---

  • I have mentioned about my spiritual/occult abilities not to attract publicity of any sort or earning money by impressing you.

  • The reason for mentioning all this is only to express gratitude towards God for the abilities bestowed on me by God through worship. It is a proof for others what can be done through God worship. Another reason for mentioning all this is that many keep questioning me about these abilities since I am involved in astrology, which is a branch of the occult world. Also, since intuition is a part & parcel of astrology because it pertains to future happenings, it is also my duty to disclose about these abilities that I possess.

  • It is to prove that destiny, including small & minor incidents & events in life is already written and can be known through proper & correct ways and means of God worship. It is to prove that destiny is already written or pre-determined.

  • I am not that person who will use any of my intuition & other capabilities in the wrong way for getting unethical, immoral & unjustified results.

  • I have attached sample copies of my prediction reports so that you avail astrological consultation from after seeing those reports & not just by reading what all is mentioned above.

  • You are 100% free to either believe me or doubt me but the fact is that I know what I am & I have not lied in the above words even to the extent of 0.01%.

Rituals in God worship

There are many rituals to be followed during God worship. However, the most important ritual is to bring your mind & soul together during the time that you worship God, forgetting everything else. This is that ritual which is practically more important than other rituals which have value of only formality. Personally, I have got tremendous results within no time by the method that I have mentioned.


Who is fit to do spiritual practices

Everyone loves God. God also loves everyone. However those are fit to worship God who are spiritually developed or elevated personalities. That person who has real knowledge about what is life, how the human mind works is that person who pleases God through worship. Additionally, that spiritually developed or elevated personality should also be a person who has not neglected worldly duties in the name of God, religion & spirituality. Such a person, if worships God even for some time, then God manifests to him within no time. God gets pleased with a person who is good & innocent at heart, dutiful also & finally spiritually knowledgeable. God does not get pleased by a person who worships God but is immersed in materialistic tendencies.


Getting results in God worship

It is not necessary that you start doing God worship today & start getting desired results from tomorrow. Some get very quick results whereas some don’t get results even after doing God worship throughout their lifetime. The difference is attributable to God worship done in previous births.