Nakshatras are group of stars, far away, which affect everything in our lives, here on our planet Earth. Each nakshatra has 1 or more stars, with each star being more powerful than our Sun. There are 27 nakshatras in all, including Abhijeet, it comes to 28. They are mentioned below. You can just click on nakshatra of your choice to directly go that particular nakshatra page. To come back to this page, you need to click on "Nakshatra Main Page" on right hand side top corner of every nakshatra page. These nakshatra pages contain those basic details which you can find anywhere & everywhere, but the specific effect of any particular nakshatra on you depends on your specific horoscope as such. Results for each nakshatra are given in the following pages but it is not necessary that all of those results will be present in your life. Some results may match with your real life experiences while other given results may not match. It is because the combined effect of all planetary positions taken together is something very much specific to your personalised horoscope. Nakshatra vibrations affect your Moon or mental state, more than other planets & aspects of life. Hence you have to first of all see the nakshatra in which your Moon is placed in your horoscope & then click on that particular nakshatra below to read details of your "Moon or Chandra Nakshatra".


My astrology book will contain lot of details about each nakshatra along with detailed analysis as to "why" regarding each aspect or quality of each nakshatra.


  1. Ashwini

  2. Bharani

  3. Krittika

  4. Rohini

  5. Mrigshira

  6. Ardra

  7. Punarvasu

  8. Pushya

  9. Aslesha

  10. Magha

  11. Purvaphalguni

  12. Uttarphalguni

  13. Hasta

  14. Chitra

  15. Swati

  16. Vishaka

  17. Anuradha

  18. Jyestha

  19. Moola

  20. Purvashada

  21. Uttarashada

  22. Shravana

  23. Dhanishta

  24. Satabishta

  25. Purvabhadra

  26. Uttarabhadra

  27. Revati

  28. Abhijeet



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