It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!



We all have been born on some day & that day has a date. So that particular date has the vibration of a particular number. The vibrations of that particular number make up our mental/psychological personality. For example, my own date of birth is 10th August 1978. Many numerologists take this as 10-08-1978 & add all numbers from 1 of 10 till 8 of 1978 & finally keep adding till they get a single digit number. Then they predict your personality based on the vibrations of that single digit number. But the fact that I have observed is that vibrations affect as per your main date of birth, which in this case, that is my case, which is 10th. Hence you just have to add the 2 digits of your main birth date, without adding your month & year. In this case, it is 10, which is 1 + 0 = 1. Hence I am a number 1 person. Vibrations of number 1 will be affecting me. This way you have check about your date of birth, take 1st 2 digits and add them up to a single digit number. Extremely basic vibrations of people born on different dates which add up to numbers from 1 till 9 have been given below. In due course of time I will be adding a lot more traits under each number. You can click on any number given below & you will be taken directly to the traits of that particular number. 


Please note that the traits that I have mentioned for each number are not those which I have copied from elsewhere even though they may match coincidentally but rather are those which I have personally observed myself for the past many years. Exact personality depends not just on numbers alone, but specific planetary positions in any particular horoscope. My astrology book will contain extremely detailed analysis of the numerological aspects of people born on different dates. However, the traits mentioned for each number can be taken as the base to start analysing your personality. 


Number 1 personality.

Number 2 personality.

Number 3 personality.

Number 4 personality.

Number 5 personality.

Number 6 personality.

Number 7 personality.

Number 8 personality.

Number 9 personality. 


Number 1 personality

  • Egoistic attitude.

  • Self-respectful.

  • Initiative taking.

  • Taking the lead in situations.

  • Spiritualistic.


Number 2 personality

  • Thinking.

  • Materialistic.

  • Less courageous.

  • Illogical.

  • Negative personality.


Number 3 personality

  • Logical.

  • Analytical.

  • Courageous.

  • Adjusting.

  • Humane attitude.


Number 4 personality

  • Emotional.

  • Lack of proper reasoning.

  • Impulsive.

  • Reckless.

  • Motherly care.


Number 5 personality

  • Intelligent.

  • Independent.

  • Talented.

  • Reasoning power.

  • Romantic.


Number 6 personality

  • Quarrelsome.

  • Energetic.

  • Addictive to bad habits.

  • Lack of judgment.

  • Expert at work.


Number 7 personality

  • Judgemental.

  • Seeing the other side & balancing.

  • Social nature.

  • Extrovert.

  • Unemotional.


Number 8 personality

  • Extremely impulsive.

  • Occultist.

  • Lusty.

  • Unethical ways, means & values.

  • Atheist.


Number 9 personality

  • Spiritual & religious.

  • Activated super-conscious mind.

  • Meditative.

  • Godly nature & mentality.

  • Good heartedness.