Planetary Yog

"Planetary Yog" means placement of 1 or more planets relative to each other in a certain way, to give a particular result, good or bad, to the person. As per "Hindu Vedic System", there are innumerable planetary yogas, some of which are mentioned in the table below. Presence of any particular yog in your personalised horoscope will take you closer to the results of that particular planetary yog. However, please note that presence of any particular planetary yog by itself or in itself is not sufficient to give full 100% results of that particular planetary yog the reason being that many other aspects have to be considered along with or in conjunction with that planetary yog only after which we can reach to a conclusion as to whether full results of any particular planetary yog will be available to the particular person or not. The table below will throw light on introducing you to the most commonly observed planetary yogas. The list is very extensive & I will keep adding more & more to this list below. 


My method is a different method & I don't follow these planetary yoga(s) blindly. I consider the co-relative aspects of all planetary positions taken together before reaching to conclusions. My astrology book will contain each & every planetary yog along with full 100% reasons as to why & when will any person get the benefit of these planetary yogas. 

It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!