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In the words that follow I express what I have personally realized from life experiences or what life has taught me. These are purely 100% my own words or thought process. I have not copied these sentences or phrases from anywhere, even though they may coincidentally match with someone else’s words or phrases. You can click on any red colored topic just below to directly go to the details of that particular topic. All that I express below is my independent personal opinion. I am also writing a book titled "The Human Mind" which will contain all details about all the mentalities mentioned in my astrological reports, explaining flow of emotions.


Human relations


Marriage & opposite sex relations

  • Human relations

    • If one wants to know what a person actually is, one should question the close relations of that person.

    • A self-centered person is that person in whose company you always feel alone no matter you spend 1 hour, 1 week, 1 year or may be even the entire lifetime with that person.

    • An egoistic & self-centered person is that who is not worthy of any type of human relation.

    • Happiness, feelings & emotions are affected the most through human relations more than any other aspect of life.


  • Friendship

    • In a friendship relation, there should basically be no condition or restriction. Those who put conditions or restrictions in a friendship are those who don't deserve friendship.

    • Friendship has no barriers. Any person can become friends with any other person.

    • That person who brings out personal drawbacks of his friend as an excuse for not maintaining friendship is that person who is not worthy of friendship. By personal drawbacks of friend I mean those drawbacks of friend which don't directly affect the friendship enough to be made an excuse for not being able to maintain friendship. That person who brings out personal drawbacks of his friend is that person who wants an excuse for breaking friendship.

    • Who your true friend is known only when your time is bad. It is that person who is still beside you during your bad time. It is that person whose behaviour, attitude towards you & perception about you have not changed with the changing time.

    • Cheating is not acceptable anywhere, any time & in any relation but especially in friendship because it is against the very nature of friendship.

    • Enemy is 100 times better than a self-centered friend.

    • Enemy happens to teach you more than your best friend.



  • Marriage & opposite sex relations

    • A person who is egoistic, self-centered, has sexual attitude & cannot adjust is a person unworthy of marriage. It is that person who should not be marrying, may it be man or woman. It is that person who spoils the life of the life partner, practically speaking.

    • Sexual attitude is disastrous & extremely hurting for your partner.

    • If your life partner has everything of the highest value in materialistic life to give you EXCEPT unconditional love & the feeling of "being there" for you, then it is not worth it.

    • Feelings of ego & selfishness/self-centeredness have been the greatest enemies of a blissful & contended married life.

    • Many forget that the condition which is often a pre-requisite for a person to get married is that the person should be adequately developed, intellectually & spiritually. If not, the entire family is negatively affected.

    • Many marriages fail because life partners want their partners to give to them more than they themselves are prepared to give to them back in return.

    • Many are not in a position to "let go" of their ego to give to their life partners adequately in marital & sex relations.

    • It is a sin not to satisfy your life partner, if not 100% at least upto acceptable levels.

    • Speaking behind the back of someone & trying to break the sexual relation of other 2 persons is a sin. Jealous people often are unable to prevent themselves from doing that.

    • Opposite sex relation is the major cause of happiness for any human being & those who have this relation messed up end up being extremely depressed & dissatisfied in their lives even though they may have everything else in their possession.

    • Marital relation is basically about fulfillment of sexual need, both physical & mental sexual needs. However, the base of this relationship is dependent on your spiritual & intellectual development and if you fall back on that then you end up making your partner depressed & frustrated. Intellectual/spiritual development is something to a marital/sexual relationship that an educational qualification is to a career.

    • Marital & sexual relation is all about giving to your life partner unconditionally. But sadly everyone ends up expecting more than giving, practically speaking.

    • Many are afraid to give adequately & unconditionally in marital & sexual relations fearing that they will lose by giving but what they don't see is they lose by not giving instead of giving.

    • One who is stingy of giving love, care & attention to life partner & who keeps loving himself or herself all the time is that person who does not deserve to get married. 

    • Boy gets married to a girl who is beautiful, sexy, good hearted, etc. Girl gets married to a boy who is well built, educated, career oriented, etc. But you should be lucky enough to be getting married to that life partner who cares for you, has space for you in the heart, who does not throw ego & attitude towards you, who is there for you when you need & most importantly, who loves you unconditionally. Very few are practically lucky enough to be getting such a life partner.

    • "Being there" for your lover or life partner is that feeling which your lover or life partner wants the most than anything else. Those who cannot give this feeling to their loved ones are those who don't deserve any type of opposite sex relation.

    • One should never be stingy in showering love & affection on life partner.

    • Woman = Man's happiness.

    • Man = Woman's confidence + ego.

    • Result of bad/spoiled/broken marital relation = Extra marital affair.

    • Result of extra marital affair = Divorce.








It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!