Learnings of spiritual life

In the words that follow I express what I have personally realized from life experiences or what life has taught me. These are purely 100% my own words or thought process. I have not copied these sentences or phrases from anywhere, even though they may coincidentally match with someone else’s words or phrases. You can click on any red colored topic just below to directly go to the details of that particular topic. All that I express below is my independent personal opinion. I am also writing a book titled "The Human Mind" which will contain all details about all the mentalities mentioned in my astrological reports, explaining flow of emotions.




Duties & responsibilities




  • Life

    • Many times life gives us lot of problems with tremendous opportunities embedded but our frustrated & negative mentality fails to see them & make the most.

    • Everyone suffers at one point of time or the other in life. Some suffer first & enjoy later on. While some enjoy first & suffer later on. The former know the value of the enjoyment they get later on while the latter don't know why they are suffering later on & are unable to digest the suffering because they are not used to it.

    • There is a saying that "All is well that ends well". Accordingly, if you get good result one after another leading ultimately to a bad result then it is not worth it, but if you get bad result one after another ultimately leadng to a good result then it is absolutely fantastic.

    • Sometimes you need to think first & act later on. Sometimes you need to act first & think later on. You should have that smartness in you to know what to do when.

    • Starting point is the most important point in life for all activities. If you happen to become friends with someone today, you develop love for that person tomorrow & later on even if you fight with that person, the fight ultimately dissolves because the root of your relationship is friendship. Whereas if you happen to fight with someone today, you develop bitterness for that person  & later on even if you become friends with that person, the friendship ultimately dissolves because the root of your relationship is enmity. All this automatically happens without we even coming to realize about it.

    • One who is your greatest friend today can be your deadliest enemy tomorrow & one who is your deadliest enemy today can be your greatest friend tomorrow. Such incidents keep happening.

    • There are 2 ways to live life. One is to live by the brain & the other is to live by the heart. Those following the former way always make intelligent & wise decisions practically speaking, but end up being dissatisfied & being guilty. Those following the latter way always make foolish decisions practically speaking, but end up being satisfied all the time. Path of the former does not lead to God whereas the path of the latter leads to God even though that path is such as makes man do lot of mistakes.

    • For rising high in life you first need to equally fall in life. There is no gain without pain. 

    • Every human being keeps committing mistakes during his lifetime. It is a natural human tendency to do so. However, everyone makes that one, only one mistake during lifetime that proves "EXTREMELY COSTLY" throughout his lifetime. It is that mistake which affects others related to him also very badly. It is that mistake about which there is no reversal as well as forgiveness. 

    • Intelligence of an exceptionally intelligent man & beauty of an exceptionally beautiful woman never go unnoticed, they quickly catch eye & attention of everyone.

    • A person’s facial expression can never hide his mental state & eyes his heart or soul.

    • That which comes easily to you gives excruciating type of problems later on.That which comes to you with great difficulty gives tremendous satisfaction & peace of mind later on.

    • Short term gain = Long term loss.

    • Short term loss = Long term gain.

    • Wisdom gained through practical experience > Theoretical knowledge.


  • Karma

    • It is very important to put efforts from your side adequately before you expect returns. God gives us various opportunities to see what we do from our side, how much efforts we put in from our own side to make the best of the worst. But the sad thing is that not everyone puts adequate efforts.

    • It is important that you die with this thought --- "I did not fail in life, I tried my best possible to do the best, but life has failed me". It is very important to die with a satisfied mental state.

    • Man keeps doing all things but without realizing what he is doing & towards what he is heading. Getting result seems very important for man but the matter does not end there. Getting good result with curses of others makes you go to hell. But sadly many materialistic and crooked minded people don't realize this.

    • Getting good name is very easy but it is very difficult to maintain it. Only a person who is genuine has his reputation well maintained because there is something called "genuinity" by which he has got that good name. You should be worthy of getting good name.

    • God has given us human birth. One main aspect differentiates humans from animals, the aspect of doing. God has given us human birth to do something. This "doing something" in all situations is very important. If you do something of 10 units you have chance of getting return of at least 1 unit but if you don't do anything at all then there is no question of getting any return at all. One who has the capability to do something or the other from his side & give the best possible performance is an indeed lucky person no matter he may not get anything in return because what he is guaranteed to get at the end of the road is peace of mind & 100% satisfaction of having given the best from his side. He is lucky because he can die without the slightest guilty consciousness from his side.


  • Duties & responsibilities

    • God is very hard on those who enjoy life at the cost of forsaking their basic duties & responibilities.

    • Egoistic & self-centered people always fall back in proper fulfillment of duties & responsibilities. This nature of theirs does not allow them to cast their ego(s) aside & perform duties as required.

    • It is human tendency to expect others to be dutiful & responsible all the time not being aware as to what extent one is lacking in fulfillment of duties & responsibilities from his own side.

    • Duties & responsibilities are never meant to be taken lightly.


  • Parenting

    • Giving birth to a child is an animal's job. Raising/fostering the child properly to make the child face this world independently is a human being's job.

    • Giving birth to a child is very easy, it is a natural process & credit goes to God for blessing couples with a child. But raising a child properly is not so easy. Parenting requires utmost dedication with 100% responsibility.

    • If you are not mentally balanced yourself, then you are that person who is completely incapable of fostering your child properly.

    • Pampering your child unnecessarily & beyond a certain age is a sin. Parents think they are great parents & are doing a great favor by pampering their child but in reality practically what they are doing is killing the ability & independence of their child to face the world when the time comes. Love beyond a certain limit spoils professional & spiritual development.

    • Parents who pamper their children are sinners in the strictest sense of the term. Spoiled brats have no value for anything in life & they only keep hurting and insulting all relations throughout their lives. Pampering your child has the following disadvantages attached to it:

      • Bad/dirty ego of child.

      • Child feeling that he or she is something great or exceptional when it may not be so in reality.

      • Child not developing the ability to do introspection & see own mistakes.

      • Child not having the value of things & people/relations in life.

    • It is the duty of a parent to shower adequate love on the child during early years of infancy failing which bitterness, hatred & depression creep into the child's mental personality.

    • They are bad parents who fight amongst themselves in front of their child throughout their lifetime. Such children who have always seen their parents fight between themselves are later on unable to cope up with their own life partners, either in love life or in their marital relation because their sub-conscious mental state is filled with lack of faith in liveliness & sustenance of sex relations. Credit/courtesy goes to the child's parents.

    • Parents are the very base of a child's human personality & if parents themselves are those who are intellectually & spiritually under-developed then how on earth are they going to shape the child's personality well? So a child gets, so it gives to the world.

    • Children of parents with broken marriages often remain depressed throughout their lives.

    • Ideal parent is that who shows unconditional love during the years of infancy with reduced love & stricter controls/punishment during subsequent years of childhood to teach the child what is right & what is wrong. 

    • It is something very common for a parent to think like this --- "I don't want my child to suffer all that I have suffered". This type of thinking is wrong in itself because that parent does not understand that suffering is that which teaches man a lot. I don't mean to advocate suffering but what I mean to say is this type of tendency on part of the parent tends to over-protect the child, killing the child's ability to become independent & face problems bravely in life.

    • Parenting a child is not an easy job, on one side you have to show love & on the other you have to be strict, imposing controls on your child. Not everyone is able to balance these 2 quite well. Some pamper more than necessary while some are stricter more than necessary. 

    • Housewife is the most important person in the world. It is that person who does routine & mundane tasks which appear very less important in the materialistic world but additionally also does the task of mentoring the child. Father is as important as the mother, but it is the mother who shapes the child’s mental personality. One should be lucky enough to get a good mother in life.

    • Result of over pampering = Child becoming extremely egoistic & arrogant.

    • Result of over strictness = Child becoming depressed.


  • Love

    • Love is something which everyone wants & cannot live without.

    • Love is very tempting & the most intoxicating feeling.

    • Lack of adequate love in a marital relation always leads to extra marital affairs.

    • It is a fact that love is blind. If we love someone then we are not able to see that person's drawbacks & shortcomings even to the extent of 0.01%. Love is that feeling which adds an halo of perfection, greatness & awesomeness to the person we love. That person can be any person starting from lover/life partner to child, so on & so forth, extending on to any person in any relation.

    • If we love a person then it becomes very difficult for us to talk rules with that person. It is not everyone's cup of tea to love a person at one time & be justful with that person at some other time when the need so arises.

    • Every person loves another person at some point of time or the other. Even the most wicked person loves. There is no difference in the depth of love between any 2 persons. However what affects the person being loved the most is the mentality & character of the person who is loving that person. Hence it is practically very important for your mentality & character to be on the right track so that your loved ones don't suffer at the end, without you coming to know of it or realizing it. 

    • If you seriously love someone, then you do not have the slightest right to show sexual attitude towards that person. It is further all the more wrong to try to customize that person to suit your needs.









It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!