If vaastu requirements are not followed then following bad results have to be faced:

  • Getting results becomes difficult, no matter how much efforts you put in.

  • Constant fights & quarrels in house for no justifiable reason.

  • No peace of mind & happiness.


Vaastu tips generally applicable to everyone

These are extremely general tips for enhancing good vibrations through vaastu shastra methods. For 100% vaastu benefits there are innumerable requirements to be met with but these general tips can help in maintaining mental peace & balance in your house.

  • Daily sweeping & mopping of floors.

  • There should be no dust in the house, all cobwebs should be cleared.

  • Regular cleaning of all doors & windows.

  • Avoidance of any space where water gets blocked, stored or leaked and later dust accumulates.

  • Weekly cleaning with wet cloth of all doors & windows of the house is very important; especially the main door of the house should be cleaned every day.

  • Entry of sunlight in the house during daytime.

  • Proper ventilation should be there through proper usage of fans.

  • Arranging all items of furniture in proper order.

  • Keeping all items related to one aspect at one place.

  • Avoiding using any particular room of the house as a dumping or storage room.

  • Keeping all articles or items in almirahs, cupboards, etc. in systematic order.

  • Avoidance of keeping unused, broken or damaged items in the house.

  • Avoidance of fightings, quarrels & shoutings between family members.

  • Regular worshipping of God in any form.

  • Best vaastu is in that house where number of articles, items or furniture are less.

  • Lighting of oil lamps (diyas) in specified corners of house, especially south-west direction, but this should be done after consulting a vaastu consultant to get proper effect.

  • Avoiding smoking cigarettes & consuming alcohol in house, especially in south-west direction.

  • Furniture should not be stuck to the walls & some space should be there.

  • Generally, in the passage area there should not be storage or blockage of items, especially in the upper storage areas.

  • The middle portion of the house, which is normally the passage portion, should be empty & not clustered with lot items. The top portion in the passage area should not be used as dumping space.

  • Generally, in every room the centre portion should be kept empty.

  • Regular or daily cleaning of all outlet areas:

    • Latrine.

    • Wash basin.

    • Bathroom.

    • Kitchen sink.

  • Gas stove should be kept specifically clean.

  • Garbage or waste should be daily thrown out & not allowed to be accumulated inside the house every week.

  • Not to sleep in the hall.

  • Not to start any conversation below any door which opens to any room, especially the gateway to passage from hall.

  • The top portion of furniture items like cupboard, fridge, etc. should be kept empty & not to be used as additional storage space.

  • Generally it is better to keep the top portions of the house empty of items since otherwise it results in tremendous blockage of energy levels.

  • The most important point is keeping & arranging all items very systematically failing which energy levels of the house get completely blocked.

  • There should be proper proportion or balance of every room used for various purposes. Example, it should not happen that one portion of the room is filled with all items with other portion being empty. There should be proper distribution so that energy levels are balanced properly.

  • To the extent practically possible, nails should not be hit to the walls.

  • Doors opening with creaking noises should be oiled immediately.

  • Doors should not be used for hanging various items.

  • Opening & closing of doors should be done noiselessly without banging loudly.

  • Best family members for a house are 4. 3 is bad, especially if the child is a son.



Directional vaastu tips generally applicable to everyone

For house opening in any direction, following should be noted for better directions:

  • South West direction of the house is very dangerous and should be avoided to the maximum extent possible, especially for bedrooms. In case extra bedroom is there in a house in a different direction, then that should be used for sleeping instead.

  • East & North facing directions are best for all activities.

  • East facing house is the best.

  • If the main door or entrance of the house is South West facing then the prosperity of the house will be very much reduced, especially so if the owner of the house has a bad Rahu in horoscope.

  • It is better to keep oil lamps lighted 24 hours at the following corners of the house:

    • South West.

    • East.

  • Dust accumulation in south west direction of the house will give worst results.

  • For sleeping, the head should be preferably in the east direction, with other directions following suit, south west being the last preference.

  • Vaastu dosh is present more in the ground & top floors of any building, with the middle most floors of any building being extremely balanced.

  • Vaastu dosh is present the maximum in the upper most last flat of any building and the effect of all wrong things done in all other flats prior to that flat will affect the last flat.


It is your attitude that makes the difference !!!