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Groups of 45 Written Prediction Reports
















Payment for reports

  1. Payment can be made by crediting my bank account mentioned on top right corner by way of:

    • Cash deposit or

    • Online fund transfer or

    • Cheque deposit or

    • Western Union (Overseas remittance). Non Rsident Indians NRI(s) are kindly requested to do fund transfer through some Indian bank account, if they have one, to facilitate easy & quick payment.

  2. You can make the payment either at the time of placing confirmed order or place the confirmed order & make payment during the time I prepare the report.

  3. Once report is ready for delivery I will intimate you & report will be delivered on payment being credited to my bank account by you. 


Basis of pricing

  1. Prime basis of pricing is to provide my clients with “best quality at best price”.

  2. Pricing is at its minimum compared to the price you will get in the market. Low price does not mean that quality is bad. In fact quality of prediction is 100% better but price has been lowered to the maximum extent possible so that you don’t feel the pinch of paying more. Your satisfaction for the price that you pay has been given more importance.

  3. Pricing has “built-in discount mechanism” for those reports that combine more than 1 aspect together. For example, Spiritual Life Prediction has certain price & Emotional Life Prediction has certain price. But Spiritual, Emotional Life Prediction contains aspects of both spiritual life prediction & emotional life prediction and has a price lesser than the price of both individual prediction reports added together. Discounts are greater for those combined reports that combine 2 or more aspects together. Reports under "Specific Aspects Prediction Reports" are also at discounted rates.

  4. Each category has certain reports mentioned at the end of the table in each category, which contain all information given in other reports in that particular category. These reports are highly discounted & are mentioned below ---

    1. Career, Business, Money, Stock Market Prediction.

    2. Full Life Prediction.

    3. Full Life, Future Time periods Prediction.

    4. Detailed Life Prediction.

    5. Color, Numerology, Astrological Vaastu Prediction.

    6. If you want to know almost everything about yourself, then you can go for “Detailed Life Prediction” which is of 650 pages. This is "one single report covering all reports" and it covers everything given in other reports. It will act as a "one-time report" for your lifetime. You will understand anything & everything about your life, luck & mentality through this report & this report can also help you change your own mental/psychological personality for the better so that mistakes from your own side regarding aspects of life become less & performance from your side becomes better in the worst of situations, provided you read this report fully & understand properly. This report will be practically useful for the younger generation, especially children & new born babies for whom the entire future is lying unfolded. Besides children, this report will be practically useful for all those people who want to change in life from their own side instead of complaining about life & its problems all the time.This report has been priced at a "heavily discounted rate".

  5. USD rates are for people born outside India. USD rates are based on average rates considering day to day fluctuations. Foreigners born out of India will pay as per USD rates.

  6. It is a request to my clients not to do direct proportion comparison based on pages & related prices. Pricing has been based on aspects of life, information given & not pages because quality is what matters and not quantity.

  7. Number of pages in the actual report delivered to you may slightly vary up & down compared to the number of pages in the sample PDF copies but the point to be noted is that all aspects mentioned in the sample PDF copies will be duly covered. The variance will not be much & the reason for variance will be the difference in the content & complexities of any 2 horoscopes.

  8. Delivery days mentioned are maximum delivery days & I will try my best to have the report delivered to you ASAP, subject to payment credited to my bank account before delivery.


Basis of reports

  1. The formats & contents of these reports are 100% the result of my own creation, without resort to copying from other astrological reports even to the extent of 0.01%.

  2. I have deliberately designed this report in question-answer format because as a client you are always concerned with asking specific questions to an astrologer & you always want to hear equally specific answers in either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. I have tried to be as specific as possible.

  3. Reports have been fully customized to meet your needs in practical life. If you want to know complete details about yourself then you can go for "Detailed Life Prediction" which includes everything. Practically speaking, if you require only specific pieces of information, you can go for any of the customized reports.

  4. These report formats will be undergoing changes in due course of time to give you much better information in the future. From the time that I have designed the formats of these reports, I have unearthed lot more knowledge, which will be included in my next round of revised formats of reports after few months.


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