My background

I am based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India & a Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession. I have been involved in analysis of horoscopes for the past 21 years, since 1995, when I was a 16 year old boy. As a CA by profession, I have spent past years of my professional life in India and middle-east countries. Finally, some years back, I gave up my CA profession completely & started my own full time astrological consultancy for people from all sections of the society.


Born on 10th August 1978, I hail from an Indian Hindu Madhwa Brahmin family. My birth & native place is Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu, India even though I have been brought up in Mumbai since early childhood. My father has been a bank employee and mother has been a teacher. I am the only child of my parents, with no siblings. My mother tongue is a dialect of Marathi language, little bit similar to Konkani, popularly known in Tamil Nadu as "Thanjavur Marathi" & I can speak Tamil, Hindi & understand Kannada, Gujrathi. We are descendants of Marathi administrators, soldiers & noblemen who migrated to Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, during the 17th century. My lifestyle & culture is very much similar to that of South Indian Tamilians. I am a strict vegetarian. My family Guru is "The Great Guru, Sri Raghavendra Swami"


I know astrology since 1995 & have done extensive research in this field along with other related or allied fields like Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, Color Therapy, etc. with specialization in astrological services of all kinds. 


I have studied & analyzed lot of horoscopes of different sections of the society since 1995 & I am practicing astrology as a full time profession for past some years. Prior to that I was professionally employed as a CA in India, Oman, Qatar & Bahrain handling various accounting, finance & financial analysis profiles.


My aim or goal in life is to practice astrology & related occult sciences as full time profession and compile my findings & research in the form of a book to be of use to the entire world.


All reports mentioned under "Written Reports" are entirely 100% the result of creation by my own efforts without resort to even slightest copying from any other source. My services are based on my own research & logical analysis based on which I have formulated rules for interpretation of planetary positions. I am in the process of penning or compiling all my research findings in the form of a book which shall be available in the market in due course of time by the name “How Astrology Works? Gururaj Padhati Or Method Of Horoscope Analysis”.


My intention is to use this divine knowledge for the benefit of mankind by reaching out to as many people as possible so as to be of help to solve their day to day problems. By God’s grace, my present clients have greatly benefitted through my services & my success rate is more than 95%.


How I learnt astrology

My mother taught me the basics or ABCD of astrology in 1995. From early childhood, even before 1995 I had the habit of observing astrological behavior of people. Till some years back, I had never seriously researched on astrology but later on till date I have greatly researched on this subject & got knowledge as to how astrology actually works. All this knowledge I have found out not by reading any book but by analyzing planetary positions with reference to actual happenings. Instead of predicting based on what is written in books, I made my observed astrological behavior since early childhood as the base & worked backwards to find out astrological reasons which lead to such observed results. From 1995 itself I have studied lots of horoscopes but since past some years, I am practicing astrology as a full time profession. 


My mother started studying astrology on her own during my bad times way back in 1995 & through her I learnt the basics or ABCD of astrology. I & my mother used to frequently discuss & analyse astrology, various horoscopes & different planetary positions. However since during that time I was into the chartered accountancy profession I never felt the need for doing any kind of serious astrological analysis as such.


During the subsequent years life experiences gave me a strong urge to study astrology & I purchased various books and studied but did not get any scientific insight as to how planetary vibrations actually work. Finally I gave up reading astrological books and started deep thinking & analysis on astrology and suddenly I started getting deep insights as to how astrology actually works. After lot of brainstorming I got the 1st breakthrough regarding planetary vibrations and ever since after that till date astrological knowledge has been flowing to my mind & intellect like a flood or a storm. Hence all the astrological knowledge on which I have based my astrological predictions for my clients are 100% based on my own method/reasoning or my own way of seeing/interpreting astrological positions and not even 0.01% of these methods can be found in any book currently available in the market. Credit goes to "Lord Shiva" for having given me this divine knowledge since I started getting deep insight into astrology ever since I started chanting “Om Namaha Shivaaya” deeply.


The reason that I mention all this is that frequently I have been asked these questions --- “Who is your Guru for astrology?, From whom or where you have learnt astrology?" etc. My simple answer to these questions is that my mother taught me the basics of astrology and the rest of it I have found out through rigorous brain storming and lot of mental analysis of astrological positions. One cannot master any branch of Tantra Vidya without understanding & analysis. Any person can become an astrologer within 3 to 6 months by reading the various books on astrology in the market or by doing any course and getting a certificate but being able to predict accurately is something far away from merely being certified as an astrologer. For that one has to spend lot of time & effort in understanding & feeling the effects and influences planetary positions & vibrations. For the layman astrology is something stupid or superstitious or unscientific matter but only after studying astrology can a person know how scientific astrology is. If one appreciates God for the marvels of his creation, astrology is that creation or arrangement or calculation of God which is just beyond those words which can do proper justice in appreciating God.


I have spent long hours in the nights analyzing why planetary vibrations work only a certain way for a person regarding a certain aspect and not the other, so on & so forth. All the findings of mental research I have applied to various horoscopes having similar type of planetary positions to prove the conclusions of my astrological research. I have focused on mathematical analysis and hence have stressed on great number work & calculation before I became satisfied with myself regarding my astrological findings. I never easily accepted what came to mind as the astrological reasons for my astrological questions and I have always challenged or counter questioned all that came to my mind and only after analyzing my research findings from every possible angle mathematically through calculations did I get satisfaction and then I have used those findings in making astrological predictions. To understand astrology one has to:

  • Apply a lot of mind, energy & intellect,

  • Feel the effects of planetary positions and vibrations,

  • Discriminate between any 2 different planetary positions & finally

  • Not just generalize.


I hope that the book that I propose to write on astrology will provide one & only one proper & correct way of interpreting horoscopes to guide man in taking proper decisions regarding present & the future.


The knowledge unearthed so far is just a small portion & still a lot needs to be explored or found out.